Candice Warner wants you to know it’s OK to swap the club for the couch

In an exclusive chat with Now To Love, the sports star admits her partying days are well and truly behind her.

By Bella Brennan
Candice Warner has coined a new phrase and we’re kind of obsessed with it.
If 2016 was all about “JOYMO” (joy of missing out), this year it’s time to embrace “faux-cialising” – which means picking the comfort of your couch, jammies, a binge-worthy TV series and a good treat over a night out on the town.
In short, the 31-year-old is pretty much our spirit animal.
“Being a mum of two, I tend to make excuses as to why I don’t want to go out. I love my time at home and sitting on the lounge,” she says.
“It is nice to go out occasionally but for me, spending time at home with my husband while the kids are asleep, it doesn’t get much better than that!”
Like so many of us, Candice made the most of her ’20s and wasn’t opposed to a big night out.
But these days the champion ironwoman, who is married to Australian cricket vice-captain David Warner couldn’t think of anything worse.
“The thought now of going out and getting to bed after midnight tires me! I think how the hell did I ever go out and get home at 4 o’clock in the morning? Dance all night, then back up and do it the following weekend,” Candice, who has teamed up with Connoisseur Desserts to spread her message, tells.
“I don’t know how I used to do it! I was younger and I didn’t have kids but the appeal of staying at home and waking up fresh, starting your day off on a high is far more appealing lying in bed all day,” she adds with a laugh.

A quick glance at Candice’s demanding schedule and we don’t really blame her for being selective with what she does with her sacred free time.
Candice and David are the proud parents to daughters Ivy Mae, two, and Indi Rae, one, and as the couple raise their two daughters, they also criss-cross across the globe for David’s international cricket career.
On top of that, they’re building a new home in Sydney and Candice is training for the Gold Coast marathon in July.
Who needs a nap after reading that?
Candice and David will be celebrating their two-year wedding anniversary this March.
“It can be tough, especially when David is away from home but we’re very fortunate that a lot of the time we can travel with him,” she says.
“When that’s the case and we’re meeting him, I’m flying to India next week, my mum travels with me and the two girls.”
“When mum comes, it give us that time to go out and have dinner together and just have a few hours to ourselves. Which I think is so important for a healthy and successful relationship.”
“We love our daughters and we spend all day, every day with them but it is important to spend time together.”
Unsurprisingly, when David is back in Sydney the sporty couple earn their couch time by working out together.
“When he’s home, we’re inseparable and do everything together. We go to the gym, we love playing tennis together…. He always wins! We’re both super competitive but I don’t want him to let me win,” 31-year-old says.
The 31-year-old says she'd love a third child.
While Candice says the bouts of separation are definitely hard, she believes their time apart is actually healthy for their marriage.
“When he’s away, you miss him and then the time you do get to spend together, you cherish and really make the most of it.”
“When he’s away, it teaches us it communicate and to open up. Otherwise we’d bottle it all up and our relationship would probably fail but because we spend so much time apart, we communicate so well.”
Admittedly, it's raising a family with the cricket star that brings Candice immeasurable joy and the pair, who will celebrate their two-year wedding anniversary this April.
In fact, the couple have already discussed having a third bub.
"I would definitely love to add to the family! It all depends on David’s schedule and making sure that I’m not putting too much pressure on him while he’s away because he does miss the girls… I’m not too sure when but I would most definitely love one more," she reveals.
For now, her focus is very much on her two daughters and gearing up for the Gold Coast marathon. And the star is refreshingly realistic about her diet.
"I don’t diet, I have a pretty balanced lifestyle. Some mornings I’ll have my bacon and eggs, but during the week I’ll have my yogurt and berries. This morning, I probably shouldn’t say this, but I had Coco Pops," the mother-of-two explains as we silently fist pump the air.
"It’s all about balance! I just have what I feel and sometimes my body’s telling me I need a certain thing."
"I don’t eat a lot of heavy carbs at night purely because it bloats me and I don’t feel good from it. I’m big on my steak, chicken and veggies, all the yummy foods. I do also love my desserts - I love Connoisseur Mousse and ice cream," she shares.
"Life’s too short not to have the beautiful things in life. You need treats!"