Meet the 24-year-old who loves dressing up like a baby - but she swears it's not a sexual fetish!

What may seem strange to some is a life saver for others.

By Holly Royce
For 24-year-old Heidi, there is only one way to relax, and that is to dress and act like a baby.
Heidi isn't alone in her somewhat unusual hobby. There is an entire community of people who take part in 'age play,' which they refer to as 'Little Space.'
The young woman from Oregon appeared on Britain's This Morning and left most viewers baffled while illuminating the little-known world of age play world which she maintains (for her at least) is NOT sexual.
Heidi appearing on This Morning
"I am an adult baby," she confidentially tells the This Morning hosts during her live-cross segment.
"What I do is, I act as a small child when I'm stressed or just need to forget about my problems for just a few hours a day, and it really helps me relax.
"I've always loved dolls and toys and things that are cute... and I started Googling about other adults who like things like that and that's how I found the Adult Baby community."

While there are some aspects of the Adult Baby community that have sexual connotations, it's not an activity that Heidi Armstrong finds sexual pleasure in.
When questioned about the sexual side of the community Heidi replies, "Yes there are some aspects of the community that are sexual, but that's not something I'm interested in and to be honest, that's not something I have researched a lot into."
Most who participate in the community and identify as a 'Little' dress in nappies or diapers - though not all who wear them 'use' them.
Heidi explains the diaper she wears during her Little Time is purely for "aesthetic purposes," and not for actual use, allowing her to "get into the headspace" of a being a baby.

Heidi's boyfriend Erick is happy to act as her 'Big', the one who looks after her when she's enjoying her Little Time.
Her friends are aware of her chosen pastime, and Heidi explains that since she has embraced the Adult Baby lifestyle people have commented that she has become happier and more confident.
Kept in the dark until now, however, is Heidi's immediate family, "but not anymore," the 24-year-old jokes on the international live stream.
"As long as I'm happy, they'll be okay with what I do," she reassures viewers.
Heidi says she intends to continue her Adult Baby lifestyle until it no longer makes her happy, no matter what age or time in her life that sees her through.