How Kate Winslet got her best body ever!

How Kate Winslet got her best body ever!

At 35, Kate Winslet has never looked better!

After revealing she had to “starve” herself for her role in the blockbuster movie Titanic, Kate Winslet famously declared, “I’m not a twig and I refuse to be one.” Proud of her womanly curves, the Oscar-winning actress maintains a healthy approach to beauty and diet, even in body-conscious Hollywood.

In fact, many believe the mother-of-two is looking sexier than ever at the age of 35. The UK beauty – who was so “uncomfortable and self-conscious” about her weight as a teen that she took diet pills – has overhauled her body, beginning with an alcohol ban in January. “She used to enjoy a glass of wine now and then or some champagne,” a friend reveals. “Now she’s convinced all alcohol is terrible for your body and she has a good time without it.”

A trimmer figure isn’t the only reward clean-living Kate is reaping after avoiding alcohol. The actress is enjoying glowing skin, and is now launching her own limited edition make-up line with beauty giant Lancome. When off-duty, Kate applies her own make-up, and relies on simple tricks like using blotting papers to keep her fresh-faced.

Even working in plastic fantastic LA won’t change her mind that natural is beautiful. “[Plastic surgery] goes against my morals, the way my parents brought me [up] and what I consider to be natural beauty. I will never give in,” she says.

Read more about Kate Winslet’s body secrets in this week’s Woman’s Day, on sale September 12, 2011.

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