Gorgeous Gut

These new lactose-free yoghourts mean everyone can start the day right

Love your gut.

By BTYB Jalna
It's no secret that good health and feeling great begins in the gut and now, thanks to Jalna, everyone can keep their gut health in check and experience the natural goodness of dairy.
With the same thick and creamy texture of regular yoghourt, the new Jalna Lactose Free Pot Set Yoghourt is packed full of gut-loving benefits (such as scientifically-studied probiotics) and dairy goodness that won't upset your stomach or cause you any discomfort. It's the perfect way to start your day!
If you've been avoiding dairy products like yoghourt due to a sensitive tummy, it's your turn to enjoy the delicious benefits of Jalna Pot Set Yoghourt, packed to the brim with over one billion probiotics to improve your digestion and restore your gut flora, nurturing you from the inside out.
Just one serve of this tummy-friendly yoghourt is not only packed with dairy goodness, but contains five strains of probiotics that play an important role in your wellbeing.

Pure and natural

Free from artificial sweeteners and additives, lactose-free Jalna yoghourt is the same natural product you love and trust — the perfect way to kick-start a healthy lifestyle. This pure, whole food will aid in digestive wellness for anyone who has previously been unable to tolerate dairy and has missed out on the incredible benefits of probiotics and yoghourt.
Jalna Lactose Free Pot Set Yoghourt. Available in Natural and Vanilla.

From the inside out

Feeling great begins in the gut and with delicious flavours with the same thick and creamy texture as regular yoghourt, this nutritious yoghourt will improve overall gut function. Thanks to the live probiotics — 'good' bacteria — Jalna Lactose Free Pot Set Yoghourt will help those experiencing dairy discomfort to reduce bloating and improve digestion. This wholesome pot-set yoghourt contains the goodness of aBc probiotics plus Synbio, two strains of probiotics that will help create a well-functioning gut plus give the natural benefits of dairy, without the sensitive tummy.

Family friendly

Perfect for the entire family, Jalna Lactose Free Pot Set Yoghourt will make you feel great from the inside out while still tasting delicious! Thanks to the use of full-fat dairy, this lactose-free range can even be enjoyed by toddlers and babies while also catering to family members with sensitive tummies. Plus it's gluten free, like all other trusted Jalna products.

A little pot of purity

With Jalna Lactose Free Pot Set Yoghourts, now everyone can start the day right and you can now enjoy many of your favourite foods again. Great for smoothies, salad dressings, muffins and desserts, Jalna pot-set yoghourts give incredible taste and texture to many meals and snacks. Check out some incredible lactose-free recipes.
Nutritious and beautiful, this berry smoothie bowl is loaded with banana and Jalna Lactose Free Pot Set Yoghourt goodness. Find the recipe here.
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