Ab fab! Aussie stars’ flat-tummy tricks for you to do at home!

Homegrown girls do beach bodies best...obvs!
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When it comes to impressive bikini bods, Aussie girls have got it sorted!

From Jennifer Hawkins to Jesinta Franklin, Rachael Finch and Anna Heinrich – they all ooze that summer glow and have a beach body to boot.

Here, the ladies spill their tips and tricks for rock-hard abs, from workouts to what they eat.

“Your body can do amazing things when you set your mind to something,” says Elyse Knowles, who’s known for some of the best abs in the biz. “Your health needs to come first always,” The Block star insists.

Ready, set, summer!

Rachael Finch

Rachael Finch is a huge fan of simple mat exercises that targets your abs – and as a bonus – she shares them on Instagram featuring her gorgeous kids, Violet and Dominic.

Rachel walking the catwalk for her collection “B.O.D by Finch”. (Source: Getty)

Jennifer Hawkins

Abs are key for the former Miss Universe, who focuses on tum-flattening exercises when she’s too busy for a full workout.

“Obliques – abs. They’re my go-tos. They make me feel better when I do them,” Jen explains. “Clothes look better, you feel more supported and grounded.”

When she has more time, Jen, 34, will do yoga or Pilates, which both focus on building a strong core. “I do that twice a week,” she says.

Elyse Knowles

As a swimwear model, Elyse needs to be bikini-ready all year round. So she’s a big believer in all-in-one cardio and strength workouts.

“For my body type, I think it has to be high-intensity interval training [HIIT] classes,” the 25-year-old model says. “The HIIT classes I go to have a mix of cardio and weights, so it’s a good all-rounder.”

A sense of humour also helps! ‘I laugh a hell of a lot… does that count?” Elyse adds.

Anna Heinrich

Leading an active lifestyle goes a long way to achieving a fit and healthy bod – just ask Anna!

“It’s kind of always been a part of my life,” says the 31-year-old reality star. But for a little something extra, Anna looks to her hunky hubby Tim Robards.

To get flat abs, Tim recommends lots of functional moves, such as HIIT training, or even flow style yoga.

“There are so many options out there with functional movements that use many muscles at once,” the 36-year-old explains.

“More muscles means more fat burning.”

WATCH: Tim Robard’s couples workout.

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Jesinta Franklin

Jesinta’s mantra is ‘fit, strong and sexy’, and it’s certainly paying off!

Eating well is key for the model, who says, “I just eat healthy, raw produce with as many veggies and fruit as possible.”

While she’s a big fan of weight training, Jesinta, 27, also loves Muay Thai – and the benefits she’s seen from all that kicking! I’ve really noticed that it’s changed my core,’ she says.


Sydney trainer Lia Jones shares tips for you to try at home.


Get into a push-up position.

Put elbows beneath your shoulders.

Contract (squeeze) your abs and glutes to work your deeper core. Try to hold for one minute.


Lay on your back with legs bent off the ground in a table top position.

Place your hands behind your head.

Engage your core and lift your shoulders off the ground drawing in your belly button. Control on the way down. Repeat for one minute.


Start in a sitting position then slowly lower your back.

When you feel your stomach contract, lift your arms and feet off the ground and hold this position for one minute. Look straight ahead to keep a neutral spine.


In a sitting up position, hold a weight in front of your stomach and raise your feet off the ground.

Contract your abs and rotate the weight each side for one minute.

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