Why you need to try stand up paddle board yoga

Yes, we know it’s cold outside, but your core will thank you.

By Katie Skelly
If you’re tired of the treadmill and looking for a more enjoyable way to earn yourself a six-pack, then perhaps you should try the latest fitness craze taking over Instagram.
Stand up paddleboard yoga (SUP yoga) combines the strength and endurance-building aspects of paddle boarding, all the while toning and shaping your body to look its best.
“The beauty of stand-up paddleboard and doing yoga on the water is that it maximises your core workout. When you do it on the water you can’t but help lock in your core muscles,” says SUP yoga enthusiast, Charlotte Piho.
The Cook Island-based beauty just happened upon the fused sport almost ten years ago whilst on a stand up paddleboard racing trip to New Zealand.
With no waves to surf on her day off, the yogi paddled out into the middle of a still lagoon with the idea to attempt her daily yoga routine upon the water.
What happened next led to a life-changing shift in her body, and her career.
“It's a spiritual experience that is indescribable."
"It was one of the most euphoric experiences I've ever had," she said to the Sydney Morning Herald.
Now, Charlotte is renowned on social media as the SUP yoga guru to fitness enthusiasts all over the world.
She swears by the sport, deeming it one of the most effective ways to simultaneously improve your core strength, flexibility and balance, whilst actually enjoying every minute.
Jennifer Aniston has been pictured paddleboarding on a few occasions.
"The water adds another dimension to a standard yoga routine, improving your balance and stability so it's great for getting a six-pack as it really targets your core.”
"Yoga is all about being present in the moment and forgetting all the stresses of your past and future. When you're on the paddleboard you instantly forget about all your worries - you're too busy concentrating on staying on the board and admiring the scenery.”
Watch as the team from Channel Nine's Today tried the challenging water sport. Post continues...
And while spending a session doing your best yoga moves on a paddleboard would be simply wonderful for your mind, the all over workout to your core carries significant health benefits that can actually change the way you live your everyday life.
Having a strong core can improve your posture and alignment dramatically, which not only makes for a taller you, but can in turn reduce lower and upper back pain.
A simple tip to try whilst you read this is to:
First: sit up straight, for goodness sake and...
Second: Imagine drawing your belly button in towards your spine, and then slightly up. Hold for a few seconds, release, and repeat ten more times.
The Olsen twins, although stunning, never seem to stand straight.
Try and perform repetitions of this simple exercise a few times a day - even while at your desk or sitting in traffic.
This tiny adjustment will not only make you look and feel taller, but will also help to support your spine, improve balance and when combined with kegels (google it), can even improve bladder control.
Join in on a class today!

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