Tim and Anna share their diet and health tips

Bachelor heartthrob Tim Robards and his gorgeous girlfriend Anna Heinrich must be Australia’s fittest couple, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to look this good!
Now, a loved-up Tim, 32, and Anna, 28, are sharing their health and fitness tricks exclusively with Woman’s Day.
How do you maintain your fitness?
Anna I’m an extremely active person and love attending classes any opportunity I get. At least twice a week I attend Pump or Body Attack classes at Fitness First. They help to tone the unwanted wobbly bits! It’s about making better choices when it comes to health and fitness. I tend to take the stairs over the elevator and choose to walk where possible.
Tim I do outdoor training – The Robards Method calisthenics program. I also try to run and swim at least once a week. I use the gym to do more legs-based training and I do some power vinyasa yoga twice a week on a good week. I think a great goal is to do something each day that makes you sweat, that involves as many muscle groups as possible and challenges your strength and stability.
When it comes to food, you must have some vices, surely?
Anna Mum’s cooking on a Monday night! It’s oh-so naughty but I just can’t say no to great food… and of course to my mum. I love a block of chocolate – yes, a block. It’s never just one piece.
Tim Yeah, Anna’s mum’s cooking! Also cheesecake and chocolate, but I’m usually good at sticking to just a few pieces.
So who cooks at home?
Tim Mainly me... I’m a MasterChef in the kitchen! Anna’s a very lucky girl (laughs).
What’s your favourite healthy meal to whip up in minutes when you’re in a hurry?
Anna Beef or chicken stir-fry with lots of vegies. Quick and healthy.
Tim I’ll whip up a three-egg omelette. Lots of vegies, a dash of balsamic… and you’re away!
What do you snack on?
Anna A combination of nuts and dark chocolate. Green tea is a great afternoon snack, too.
Tim Seeds, nuts, leftover dinner and eggs. Oh, and sometimes little paleo balls and bars.
What keeps you motivated?
Anna Tim has absolutely changed me for the best. I’m very much more active now than I was before meeting him. He motivates me every day to be a better version of myself. I’m indebted to him.
Tim When I’m training and eating well I’m so happy. I feel more energetic and I’m a much funnier person to be around. That keeps me looking after myself.
What’s your favourite outdoor activity to do together?
Anna Paddleboarding. It’s a great summer workout you can do with your partner. Also, we do a number of coastal walks in Sydney –they’re spectacular!
Tim There’s nothing better than going for a run with each other, having a debrief and getting the feelgood endorphins going!
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