The Bachelor's Matty Johnson and Laura Byrne's fitness secrets

A couple who train together stay together!

It's almost a requirement that The Bachelor's leading men have a rig that looks as if it's been hand-carved by the gods. Hey, when you're the most eligible bloke in Australia, you've gotta have something to show for it!
However, since he turned his roses into mulch and went home with the love of his life Laura Byrne, 31, Matthew "Matty J" Johnson has become a whole new level of ripped!
Yep, the former reality hunk, 30, and his toned treasure Laura have teamed up with Sydney-based personal trainer to the stars Jono Castano Acero.
"We've been training together for, like, nine months now," says Laura, who reveals she enlisted the help of Jono after seeing the results of his workouts with Matty.
"My goal was just to get fit – that was my priority. When I feel fit, I feel great in all aspects of my life. I wanted to be leaner and fitter."
And, damn, did it work – because Laura is in the best shape of her life!
Here, she tells us her secrets!
Who's got the most motivation to work out?
Laura: Matty! He always makes me go to the gym with him, so it's good to have a boyfriend that's dedicated.
Matty: I'm big on routine. I like waking up first thing and knocking it out straight away before your day gets too busy.
Do you train together?
L: Sometimes! We'll go for runs and hikes together. But either way, I'm active every single day.
M: [Laughs] Yeah, in the gym, if she was telling me how to squat and I was telling her how to do something, I think we'd clash, so we just share a protein shake at the end.

Talk us through your goals and your routine
M: I'd like to put on a couple more kilos of muscle, but it's hard to maintain! I do different weights three times a week then try to do cardio on day four.
L: I like to mix it up with weights and cardio, so I could go from a set of weighted squats to lunges, then 60 seconds of sprinting on the treadmill. I'm lucky I'm naturally quite lean, so it's about working on my core and toning in my sessions.
What's your fave part of each other's bodies?
L: Oh, hello! Do you want the PG answer? [Laughs]
M: I'm a legs man and hers are incredible.
L: I love his arms – he's got really great arms, but he's good all over.
M: I thought you'd say my abs!
L: You've got the whole package. [Laughs]

What's the best way to tone up if you've got a big event?
L: Don't go on a fad diet or anything like that or starve yourself, but if you want to go the extra mile for quicker results maybe do more cardio.
M: I really like vegetables and I eat as many as I can – so doing that and just drinking lots of water is the quickest way.
L: Always be kind to yourself, though! You're going to look great anyway when you're in your nice dress with hair and make-up done.
What advice would you give to anyone struggling for motivation?
L: Exercising is so good for your mental health that you have to make it a priority.
M: Getting into a routine is great too.
L: I used to love running and swimming, but now I have to force myself to do them – it's hard feeling exhausted, but I love the feeling I get afterwards, so that's my motivation.

What if people struggle to find the time to exercise?
L: I know everyone's said this before, but anyone can incorporate exercise into their day... Take the stairs instead of the elevator, try to walk – it just makes such a
difference to your wellbeing.
Do you eat healthy 24/7?
L: [Laughs] Matty has dessert after every meal! Look, if you allow yourself to have everything in moderation, then you don't need a cheat day.
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