Butt out! This new study will make any smoker want to quit...

Because between smoking and sun exposure, one third of all cancers can be prevented...

From Johnny Depp and Kate Moss to Kristen Stewart and Australia’s own Shane Warne, a handful of celebrities smoke cigarettes – and they’re not ashamed to show it.
However, they may think twice now that a troubling health revelation has just been released in the U.S. that found that 30 per cent of all cancer deaths are directly associated to smoking.
In this study, researchers out of Atlanta’s American Cancer Society analysed the number of Americans, 35 years and older, who had died from smoking-related cancers, which is how they came upon this unsettling statistic.
Johnny Depp once joked that he'd get his cigarette count up to 10,000 a day.
While it’s a shocking percentage for America, it’s also a red flag for Australian smokers, with more than 2.6 million Aussies having confessed to smoking every day.
Smoking is bad for your health for a number of reasons; not only does it increase your chance of being diagnosed with numerous cancers (lung, tongue and mouth cancers, just to name a few), but it also raises your risk of stroke and heart attack.
Miley smoked up a storm at the EMAs in 2013.
How to quit smoking today
As previously reported by Woman’s Day, Professor Matthew Peters from the Australian Lung Foundation said that quit rates can be as high as 40 per cent in first-time quitters who go cold turkey.
Here are his tips on quitting cold turkey right here, right now:
• Put a photo of someone you love on your desk and think about how they’d cope if you weren’t here.
• Particularly in the first few weeks, avoid places and situations where you’re likely to smoke. Plan meetings with friends at smoke-free venues like the movies.
• Be committed. Set a date and tell at least three people. Call 137 848 for your free Quit pack or to speak to a counsellor, who will call you around your quit date.
If you want to quit smoking, or are having trouble quitting and need help, contact Quit.org.au.
WATCH Shane Warne get busted for inappropriate smoking in the video below!

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