Run away to the circus

Roll up, roll up and find out about one of the hottest new ways to get fit and have fun — circus training. No, we don't mean circuit training. Think juggling, balancing acts, contortion, the strong man and more.

Circus skills
Troupes like the Flying Fruit Fly Circus and Circus Oz have spearheaded a new style of circus performance that features highly physical activities and no animal tricks. Enjoyed by young and old this new style of circus has also merged into performance arts with the popularity of internationally acclaimed Cirque Du Soleil.
So it's not surprising to see circus skills school popping up all over the place. There's even the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) the only government-accredited institution that provides professional training in contemporary circus arts in Australia. NICA's first graduate show was performed at Festival Melbourne 2006, the cultural festival of the Commonwealth Games. They also offer short courses for beginners which include learning how to juggle, tumble, spin hula hoops, fly the trapeeze, tip toe the tight wire and ride a unicycle.
Clowning around
The popularity of circus skills is starting to creep into mainstream fitness programs around Australia too. If you've always wanted to give circus skills a try or are looking for something new to boost your motivation, check out what's on offer in your local area.
Celebrity personal trainer Donna Aston was one of the first to offer clients circus training. Seriously, we're not clowning around. So don't be surprised if your personal trainer suggests juggling as a new activity. Also local circus skills schools or juggling clubs may exist right under your nose. Plus even your local gymnastic club is a great place to start for kids and teens with an interest in running away to the circus. You never know, as well as enhancing your fitness you may just gain a few new party tricks!

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