Rebel Wilson admits defeat on her ''no sugar challenge'' but is “back on the wagon!”

Rebel Wilson announced via Twitter she is turning her life around, taking aim at her diet by eliminating sugar – despite succumbing to some delicious sweets.

By Chloe Lal
The Pitch Perfect actress announced at the start of the month that she was embarking on an “I Quit Sugar'” challenge however she confessed to fans that she had fallen off the wagon 20 days in.
“I lost the NO (refined) SUGAR CHALLENGE after 20 days...had a scary taxi ride and succumbed to ice-cream and Mars Bar...but back on wagon x”, Rebel tweeted in her good-humoured fashion last night.
The 35-year-old has done incredibly well sticking to Aussie health writer Sarah Wilson’s ambitious diet, especially since she’s currently on holiday in Dubai with boyfriend Mickey Gooch.
Rebel turned to Twitter for advice on her diet re-boot.
“I'm starting a 'no sugar' challenge starting today!! I'll let you guys know how long I last for!! X,” she tweeted to her 2.22 million followers.
The actress showed on-going resilience, updating fans five days in.
Rebel Wilson with a falcon... having a blast in Dubai.
“NO (refined) SUGAR CHALLENGE DIARY: it's been 5 days, went to see Magic Mike, all those shiny G's made me think of skittles...resisted x” she quipped.
Her fans were quick to offer her support, with one asking for a progress update.
"I'm going great, feeling great, resisting all processed sugar," Rebel responded.
While Rebel’s undoing was the disastrous cab ride, the actress did have a solid run at avoiding refined sugars.
In a series of hilarious selfies, Rebel revealed she gave desserts the flick and traded it in for some time in the desert.
The actress posted a classic Rebel pool-side selfie, but our favourite was her “desert selfie” (with a falcon, naturally) confirming that she was still slaying the challenge: “No sugar today but plenty of desert.”
Her 20-day sugar-free streak may be over but the starlet is back on track and the results are already easy to see.
What a champ!

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