Rate your fitness

Just how fit are you really? Take our quick quiz to see how your fitness stacks up!

1: How many times per week do you participate in an organized sport or set activity (i.e. Going for a jog/walk)
a) 3 or more times / week
b) 1-2 times / week
c) 0
2: How often would you accumulate 30 min or more of activity in your day (include walking upstairs, to the bus/train, shopping etc)
a) Most if not all days
b) 3-4 times / week
c) Less than 3
3: If you answered b or c for the first two questions, write down all the reasons / excuses why you are unable to exercise / be more active. How many reasons / excuses did you come up with? (If you answered a to the first two questions circle a for this question).
a) 2 or less reasons
b) 2-5 reasons
c) Greater than 5 reasons
4: When shopping at the supermarket / shopping centre, I always aim to park the car
a) As far away from the entrance as possible as it is easy to find a park
b) The first car park I see
c) As close as possible to the entrance even if this means circling the car park for minutes
5: If there are stairs close to an escalator or elevator how often would you take the stairs instead
a) More often than not
b) Occasionally
c) Never
6: When watching television...
a) I have to get up at every opportunity to "stretch my legs" or do something else OR I don't watch much television
b) I can't sit for long periods without doing something
c) I am able to sit for hours on end without getting up (except if I have to go to the toilet or get more food or drink)
7: If I have to go to nearby shops (approx 1km)
a) I will walk or ride my bike most of the time
b) I will occasionally walk / ride
c) I will always drive or take public transport
8: When getting dressed in the morning...
a) I am able to do it all standing up or kneeling down
b) I have to sit down when putting on my shoes
c) I struggle to put on my shoes in the morning
9: I find activities that I was able to do years ago
a) Just as easy or easier than they were
b) Getting harder but I am still able to do most of them
c) Very difficult and in a lot of cases I am unable to do them
10: My dress / pants / shirt size...
a) Has been the same since I was a teenager / early adulthood
b) Has slightly increased over time (no more than 1-2 sizes)
c) Has increased numerous sizes since my late teenage / early adulthood years
11: I find getting out of a chair
a) Easy (I am able to leap out of the chair if need be)
b) Not as easy as it once was (I prefer to use the arm rests if sitting for a long time)
c) Difficult, I have to use the arm rest to assist me to get up
12: I participate in resistance training i.e. weights or other strengthening exercises...
a) 3 or more times per week
b) Once a fortnight or more
c) Rarely
13: I suffer from feet problems
a) Never OR Occasionally – but I manage it through getting professional advice
b) Occasionally – but I put up with it OR All the time – but I get professional advice regarding its maintenance
c)All the time but I have not sought professional advice such as a podiatrist or doctor
14: Stretching is an important part of maintaining a healthy body. I stretch...
a) At least once every time I exercise and / or have a set time most if not all days to stretch
b) Occasionally with exercise / activity and / or I stretch a couple of times per week
c) Rarely
15: Whenever I find myself puffed after an exercise / activity session...
a) I always complete approx 5 minutes of slowly decreasing intensity of activity
b) I would occasionally cool down via walking around for a short period
c) I would stop and sit down or stand still to catch my breath

How to score:

a) score 10 points
b) score 5 points
c) score 0 points

120 – 150 POINTS

90 – 120 POINTS

Less than 90 POINTS

Your Say: How did you score? Share your fitness levels with us below...

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