My Kitchen Rules twins Vikki and Helena Moursellas' 20kg weightloss

Vikki and Helena Moursellas

Vikki and Helena Moursellas were the chocolate-obsessed sisters of My Kitchen Rules but now they’re sharing their amazing slimming secrets!

Effervescent Twins Vikki and Helena made a name for themselves whipping up – and tasting! –kilojoule-laden dishes and sweet treats on the hit reality cooking show, but by the end of their My Kitchen Rules journey, Vikki and Helena Moursellas had each gained 5kg.

It was “chubby” twin Vikki who decided to turn her life around by cutting out junk food and exercising regularly – and it didn’t take long to get sister Helena on board!

“I’ve always been the bigger twin,” admitted Vikki, who has shed 14kg. “I’ve always had that extra 5kg on my sister and I’ve always just wanted to lose it.”

Now, looking slender and toned, and sporting their trademark red lippie, the 26-year-olds oozed confidence as they flaunted all their hard work at our Woman’s Day shoot.

“I put on so much weight during filming,” dishes Vikki, who’s gone from 74kg to 60kg in 12 months.

“I was eating three times more than what I eat now. I had no control.”

“We ate so much rubbish on the show,” adds Helena.

Self-confessed chocolate and ice-cream lover Vikki is the first to admit the change wasn’t easy.

“I’ll never be that girl who stops eating foods I love – I’m a foodie. But it’s about moderation,” she said. “I still cook a lot. Greek food can be very healthy, minus the delicious Greek desserts!”

“Monday to Friday is all about eating properly and avoiding things like bread, rice and pasta,” spills Vikki. “But on weekends, I eat what I want – no limits.”

It wasn’t long before Helena jumped on the health wagon, which has seen her shed 6kg.

“It’s all about what goes in your mouth. Cutting out rubbish makes a big difference,” she reveals.

“I’m a bit cheekier than Vikki because sometimes I take Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. I love chocolate too much,” she laughs.

Read all about Vikki and Helena’s amazing weight loss journey only in Woman’s Day, on sale 23rd March.

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