MKR’s Carly and Tresne: "We’ve lost 22kgs!"

MKR Carly  Saunders Tresne Middleton

When Carly Saunders and Tresne Middleton couldn’t fit into their wardrobe for the My Kitchen Rules finale last year, the loveable couple knew it was time to get in shape.

“During one of the last challenges, we had to wear jeans and I could barely move!” Carly, 33, tells Woman’s Day.

“They were so tight I couldn’t even bend down. That was the big moment for me.”

For her wife Tresne, the moment of realisation came when she, too, couldn’t slip into her clothes.

“I had to fit into a dress for the show and I couldn’t even do it up,” says the 30-year-old.

“The zipper had literally broken and she had to wear it undone!” giggles Carly.

The former “dessert queens” have shed a combined 22kg in just four months, thanks to clean eating and exercise.

After shedding 14kg, Carly is beyond thrilled with her hot new body.

“I never really cared too much about my belly because I always knew how to dress to hide it, but then the changes I saw in my body got addictive.

Meanwhile, Tresne, who’s dropped 8kg, is thrilled with her rock-hard abs.

“I’ve always wanted a six-pack,” she reveals. “Now, I’m getting there.”

The self-proclaimed cupcake lovers – who left the competition after losing a sudden-death cook-off to South Australian mums and eventual winners Bree and Jess – have sworn off their beloved sweet treats and now stick to a balanced diet.

“Life is so good at the moment. This is the best I’ve ever felt,” beams Carly.

Carly confesses the hardest part about getting in shape for the Newcastle pair was having to change the way they view food.

“It’s all about the mindset,” said Tresne. “Think about food as a fuel for your body rather than entertainment. And whatever you’re eating, try to make it 70 per cent water, like fresh fruits and salads. Seafood is amazing for the brain, too.”

“If it spoils super-quickly, it’s good for you,” adds Carly. “But if it can hang out in your cupboard for years, it probably ain’t good for you.”

Staying in tip-top shape doesn’t come too easy but, luckily, Carly and Tresne – who are set to release a cookbook later this year – can rely on one another for support and to keep their workouts fun.

“We wouldn’t have got this far if we didn’t have each other,” says Carly.

With some exciting new projects in the works, the couple, who officially tied the knot in New Zealand last year, are even considering walking down the aisle again.

“I would love to renew our vows,” Carly says.

“Once it’s legal in Australia, we’re having another wedding that very day!”

Find out how Carly and Tresne achieved their amazing weight loss only in Woman’s Day, on sale 26th January.

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