5 things we learnt from Michelle Bridges' 60 Minutes interview

“Not everyone’s going to like you…"

By Ellie McDonald
We think it’s fair to say that Michelle Bridges is a household name in Australia. Why? Well, many would know mum-of-one Michelle for her role as one of the coaches on The Biggest Loser.
But what about the Michelle who’s been slapped with backlash time and time again for her controversial comments (her words, not ours) surrounding the health and wellness of everyday Australians?
Well, Michelle’s latest interview with 60 Minutes uncovered exactly that…

1. She’s into fitness, not fat-shaming

“Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves but I’m not trying to say that you’ll only feel good about yourself if you eat well and exercise," she says, after being hit with criticism following her claim that not one obese person she has met has been happy.
“But you know what, shaming or accusing or making people feel unimportant or invisible is not my mission. It is not what I am about.”
“It never has been.”
Michelle Bridges with her little boy, Axel.

2. She gets that some people love to hate her

Upon facing backlash after saying that she fell pregnant naturally at 44 because of her healthy lifestyle, Michelle says: “Not everyone’s going to like you… Because you’re trail-blazing..."
“And that is exactly what I am."
Michelle with her partner, Steve 'Commando' Willis, and little Axel.

3. She always dreamt of being “the next Jane Fonda”

At just 14 years of age, wearing her leg warmers and leotard, Michelle marched into her local gym, commandeered the squash court and began the road to her fitness journey.
“I was well before my time! My mum kept telling me, ‘When are you going to get a real job? You can’t keep jumping up and down in lycra for the rest of your life?’ And I’m still doing it now.”
Michelle with Steve, who she met on The Biggest Loser.

4. Before first came to Sydney with only $300 in her bank account

And now, after nine seasons on The Biggest Loser, Michelle is sitting on a $50million health empire, having released fitness DVDs, books, activewear and the 12 Week Body Transformation program.

5. Kerri-Anne Kennerley gave Michelle her big break

After bumping into KAK at a gym, Michelle soon became the TV presenter’s go-to health and fitness expert on Mornings With Kerri-Anne.