The Voice's PT reveals Kelly Rowland and Renee Bargh's fitness secrets: "They don’t have special celebrity exercises or diets"

Got a paper and pen? 'Cause you'll want to be taking notes.

By Rebecca Sullivan
The Voice coach Kelly Rowland and the show's brand new Aussie co-host Renee Bargh quickly became fast friends when they were first introduced by mutual pal Delta Goodrem in LA years ago.
The pair got along so well that they decided to start working out together while in Sydney filming the hit Channel Nine reality show, which premieres this Sunday, even sharing the same personal trainer, Brock Ashby.
If Brock's name and face seem familiar, there's a reason why: he competed as a singer on The Voice in 2018 and was on Team Kelly.
The celebrity PT and transformation coach (FYI, he has a cool 206,000 Instagram followers) trained Kelly and Renee so they could look and feel their best on camera, and now he's revealed exactly how these leading ladies maintain their killer figures.
"They don't have special celebrity exercises or special celebrity diets, which I think is a big misconception," Brock told Now To Love.
"The human body is the human body, regardless of their social status or income."
Both the TV stars stick to a fitness regime focused on strength and resistance exercises because they have the same goals - to be lean, fit and strong.
"For Kelly, she wants to be stronger. She wants to remain fit. She is a Mum but she's also on TV and she's doing interviews, she's everywhere, she's out and about," Brock revealed.
And of course, the added pressure of looking good on camera is a factor Brock takes into account when training both women.
"With Renee and Kelly, my job is to help them feel confident and secure," he said.
"Being on TV, unfortunately, they do have to prioritise looks a lot because there is a lot of judgement and their image is a massive part of their work and their income."
Trying to get results and fit into busy TV schedules is certainly a challenge, but the trio always find time to make it work.
"It's tricky when they have 6am starts and midnight finishes. They're finding out their schedule the day beforehand," he said.
"If they've had four hours sleep, it's different from someone who has had eight hours sleep, and often they're jet lagged."
Renee interviewed Kelly about her fitness clothing line while hosting Extra in LA last year. Image: Instagram
Kelly and Renee's Sydney-based PT Brock Ashby. We can see the appeal! Image: Instagram
While Kelly and Renee undoubtedly look incredible, Brock wants to remind us regular folk that when we see a celebrity looking incredible, we're usually seeing them at the top of their game during a moment they've worked really hard for.
"We see clips that they've been training and dieting for. We wake up and look in the mirror and think we don't look like Kelly Rowland on the cover of a magazine and I think that's the tricky thing," Brock said.
"We see the final product and we compare ourselves to that. People say 'I want to look like them, they must be doing this special thing to stay skinny, they look like that all year round'. But the truth is, they don't.
"When Kelly goes home, she has to be a full time Mum and Renee balances either jobs and her personal life. At the end of the day, we still all have 24 hours in the day and that doesn't change."
Kelly showing off her hard work at the gym on Instagram. Image: Instagram
Renee Bargh (right) and a friend showing off their hard-earned abs in an LA gym. Image: Instagram
Whatever you're doing Kelly, it's definitely working! Image: Instagram
Kelly has previously opened up about her intense fitness regimen to Now To Love, as well as revealing exactly what she eats to stay in shape.
"I'm working out about four to five times a week," Kelly told Now To Love last year.
"I like to do a lot of butt and legs, because everyone tells me that's the first thing to fall," she joked.
"I like to get a good run in. I do this thing where I run on a treadmill for two minutes, then walk on an incline for two minutes and I do that for 10 minutes. That's about it."
At the time, Kelly said she had been enjoying eating more plant-based foods.
"I try to stay away from foods that don't agree with my body. I took a cool test and it told me things that don't agree with me, so I've been staying away from meat. Look, I'm the person that is from Texas and I'm a southern girl, but I'm finding myself not be able to handle it," she said.
"I actually crave a salad and celery sticks! My friends are like 'What the?!' But on holidays it is a full on calorie fest."
WATCH BELOW: Kelly Rowland's intense gym ab workout. Story continues after video.

Brock's No.1 at-home fitness tip

With gyms closed (for now), we've had to adapt to working out at home, using mostly our own bodyweight or small pieces of equipment such as bands or dumbbells to add in some resistance.
"You really just have to do the best with what you have," Brock says.
However, he does recommend one piece of equipment that can help take your at-home workouts to the next level.
"The best thing I can recommend is to get a TRX that you can hang over a door," Brock said.
A TRX is an extended band with two handles that can be secured to a door or post and assist you with more intense strengthening exercises.
"With bodyweight, you can do push-ups, tricep dips, squats, lunches, but you can't really train your back and it's very easy to get bad posture if you're not training your back," Brock said.
"With a TRX, you can do so many more leg exercises, as well as training the back."