From Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, THIS is how your favourite Royals stay fit

It seems maintaining a majestic figure takes A LOT of work.

You would think that with their seemingly relentless schedules, the Royals would barely have five minutes to themselves each day.
However, as it turns out, our favourite monarchs are no strangers to staying fit and fabulous, dedicating their downtime to fitness.
And we think it's fair to assume that with it being just days away from the Royal Wedding of the year/century, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are gearing up for their history-making day by sweating out their pre-wedding stresses!
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Meghan Markle

Workout secret: Vinyasa yoga
The former Suits star and Prince Harry's leading lady is almost as famous for her physique as she is for her love life, and it's all down to yoga.
"My mum was a yoga instructor so that practice is in my blood," she says. "I love an intense vinyasa class – and even better if it's blasting hip-hop and done in a dark room with candlelight."
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Megan Markle will make a fine Royal yogi!

Prince Harry

Workout secret: Military-style training
He might have a reputation for being the party prince, but behind that laid-back persona, Harry is actually as fit as a fiddle!
Between endurance runs in full military kit, high-intensity circuit training and weights sessions in the gym, Harry maintains his army-level fitness by sticking to this rigorous military-style training regimen.
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Prince Harry is military fit.

Duchess Catherine

Workout secret: Planking
The Duchess of Cambridge has always been sporty, and even now with two kids in tow and a busy Royal duty-filled schedule, Kate is just as fit as ever.
Pilates, skiing and even CrossFit, the real secret to Kate's svelte physique, according to insiders, is the humble plank. She holds the position for at lease 45 seconds at a time to tighten and tone her muscles, and keep her in tip-top shape.
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Not only does she love planking and Pilates, but Duchess Catherine enjoys playing hockey, too.

Prince William

Workout secret: Fast fitness
With a jam-packed schedule that takes him all over the globe, the prince has to take his fitness on the road. The solution? Wills practises the Royal Canadian Air Force 5BX plan before breakfast.
The plan only takes 11 minutes and is comprised of five moves that work the whole body.
As you improve your fitness, you ramp up the reps rather than extend the workout. Designed to get cadets fit quickly without equipment, it's perfect for the ex-RAF pilot.
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Nothing is slowing down ex-RAF pilot Prince William!

Pippa Middleton

Workout secret: the 10-week tone up
Since her sister's wedding – when all eyes were on her amazing figure – it's become clear that this Middleton makes fitness a priority.
While she's a keen runner and has famously completed the Great Wall Marathon in China, Pippa also has her own fitness programme called the 10-week tone up, which she released in conjunction with Waitrose supermarket in the UK.
The plan focuses on strength and mobility, and increases in difficulty each week. "Working harder will increase your metabolic rate, not only during exercise, but for a few hours after too," she says.
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Did we mention Pippa Middleton loves cycling, too?

Princess Beatrice

Workout secret: Triathlons and running
Princess Beatrice has completely changed her fitness routine for the better after recruiting the help of personal trainer Nadya Fairweather. Nadya is credited with training Beatrice to run the London Marathon in 2010, and Beatrice's love of running has continued ever since.
Most recently, the Princess finished the 5km Lady Garden charity run in London to benefit the The Gynaecological Cancer Fund, in a time of 28:47.
Beatrice also became the first royal to complete a triathlon for her charity Big Change in 2016.
"After swimming 3,300m biking 140km, running a half marathon and hiking up mount Etna I finally made it," Beatrice said of her achievement.
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Prince Frederik

Workout secret: Triathlon
Crown Prince Frederik is famous for his sporting prowess, competing in a range of sports at an elite level.
Despite fracturing his spine in 2016, the father-of-four was recently able to complete a triathlon, which involves a long-distance swim, cycle and run.
Fred completes a Triathlon at the impressive time of 5:16.

Princess Mary

Workout secret: Jogging
No doubt rushing around after four young kids keeps Crown Princess Mary in good shape, but the Aussie heir to the Danish throne can also credit her amazing figure to maintaining a dedicated fitness regime.
Mary stays fit by horse riding, Pilates, yoga and swimming but it's her regular runs around Amalienborg Palace that keep her trim.
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Sure, she may love jogging around Amalienborg Palace, but we're sure running after her (gorgeous) kids keeps Princess Mary busy enough...

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