Kangaroo: The weight-loss meat

Dear Judy,
I have heard kangaroo is low in fat and good to eat when on a diet. However, I'm worried that if I give it to the family we could all end up with parasites! Is this true?
It's funny that this rumour has become so widespread. The answer is there is no risk to you or your family if you buy kangaroo meat from the butcher or supermarket — just don't scrape it off the road! Kangaroo is one of the healthiest and most hygienic meats you can eat. I should rephrase that by saying, like all other meat on sale for human consumption, kangaroo is extremely safe to eat. It is also one of the healthiest and most economical meats to include in your diet. The reason I initially suggested that kangaroo was healthier than other meats is because there are such stringent health measures enforced by the industry before the meat is approved for resale. Approximately 0.7% of kangaroo is rejected for human consumption use, which is a third less than the amount rejected from domestic animal farming practice. The other bonus is, kangaroo meat is free of chemicals. When a kangaroo gets sick in its natural environment, it dies. Domestic animals, on the other hand, are treated by the vet using antibiotics, hormones and other medications that can be transferred to our food.

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