Julie’s healthy new body: How I lost 20 kilos without dieting

MasterChef star Julie Goodwin makes weight loss look easy, dropping several dress sizes without hitting the gym, starving herself or cutting out cocktails.

By Phillip Koch
Julie erupts with laughter when people mention her weight. She has a great marriage, three boys who adore her, a successful cooking school, has written five cookbooks and is co-hosting a breakfast radio show on the Central Coast – yet strangers are fascinated with her body.
“If you’re healthy I don’t think it should matter what size you are,” the 45-year-old explained on our exclusive cover shoot.
“I was very healthy before and I’m very healthy now. I’m not saying it’s better to be bigger or better to 
be smaller. I don’t ever diet and I won’t ever diet.”
Her dramatic weight loss came about almost by accident. Julie, who hasn’t dieted since she was a teenager, was so surprised all her clothes were suddenly too big that she went to the doctor for an explanation.
Julie, pictured at the 2009 Australian Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards with MasterChef co-star Poh Ling Yeow, admits she was heavier before but was always healthy.
“I did take myself off to the doctor to get myself checked over – and there was nothing wrong, I got a clean bill of health,” the celebrated cook, who now credits her weight loss to simply playing an active role in setting up her cooking school Julie’s Place, explained.
“I’ve just been working bloody hard and working very, very long hours. The only thing I’ve done is move away from processed foods. I eat far more that’s close to nature now than when I was younger. It wasn’t a conscious decision to change anything.”
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