Julia Morris reveals her 20kg weight-loss

Julia Morris has been an inspiration for her phenomenal and healthy approach to weight loss, and now queen of TV is sharing her amazing health secrets in this week’s issue of Woman’s Day.

Dubbing herself Lady Julia Morris, the comedienne is delighted she’s shed 20-kilograms, and even happier that she has kept it off for four years.
The mum-of-two proudly told The Project that anyone can do it – if they’re prepared to cut out sugar and reduce their carb intake.
“I had a love affair with sugar, and I had to stamp out the ‘I’ll just treat myself’ mentality,” she admitted last week on the news program.
Julia looks fabulous but the mum-of-two wants everyone to know that it takes hard work!
The 47-year-old recently revealed her gruelling schedule on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here was partly to credit for her slimmer silhouette while also cutting out sugar and exercising.
Julia loves being healthier but for the bubbly blonde, it is all about being happy. Taking to Instagram she told fans last October: “Happy, beats Skinny... Have always felt happy with myself. Just remember that the next time you are giving yourself a hard time...F--- everyone else. Jx”
The House Husband’s actress shares her amazing hints and diet secrets that helped her drop four dress sizes - which you can read all about in this week’s issue of Woman’s Day.
The comedienne shared this phenomenal bikini shot that made us have one reaction: "Phoarrr!"

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