John Legend on having MORE kids with Chrissy Teigen via IVF

And not just one more little Legend – they’re considering on trying for three or four!

By Ellie McDonald
If all the so-cute-it-hurts Instagram snaps of darling Luna Simone weren’t enough, doting parents John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have BIG plans to broaden their already-beautiful brood.
Talking candidly to Mr Porter’s The Journal, the Love Me Now singer confessed that he and Chrissy, 31, want to have not one, not two, but potentially three more kids!
Not only that, but the 37-year-old also told The Journal that he and his model wife would be trying to conceive through IVF.
“You know, sometimes it’s just harder for some people than for others,” he explains.
“We’re just happy that we were able to do it with our doctor. He’s never really told us that there was something specific that he could identify was the reason why it just didn’t work out naturally.”
Chrissy gave birth to sweet Luna last April.
John says he wants to work less and “be able to just help my wife with whatever she needs.” Heart. Melts.
Chrissy also hasn’t been shy about the pair’s IVF journey, even causing a Twitter storm of tweets after it was announced that during their IVF treatment with seven-month-old Luna she and John chose to have a girl.
“What year is this!?” she responded on Twitter. “And for the record I am always happy and open to speak on infertility. The more casual the better. I don’t mind!”
The happy three may eventually TRIPLE!
John says he also wants to cut back on work so he can watch Luna grow up...
But will this round of IVF treatment be easier for Chrissy and John considering they were able to conceive Luna?
We asked gynaecologist and fertility specialist Dr Bronwyn Devine from Monash IVF NSW to set the record straight.
If IVF is successful the first time around and a couple fall pregnant and give birth to that baby, does this increase the likelihood of it being successful again for the second, third and fourth times?
Some people who conceive their first child through IVF conceive naturally after IVF – we all know anecdotal stories of this happening.
Some people do an IVF cycle after years of trying and then the next thing you know they conceive naturally. That certainly does happen from time to time, but it’s not common.
Generally, people who have trouble conceiving will probably continue to have trouble conceiving because the same issues may arise – whether that’s a low sperm count or tubal blockage or diminished ovarian reserve in women, the same problems may exist.
It all really does depend on what the reason for the IVF is in the first place.
Want to learn more about IVF treatment? Contact Monash IVF NSW for more information.
WATCH Chrissy hold nothing back on what her pregnancy was like in the video below!

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