How Sylvia Jeffreys stays healthy in the holiday season

The newly engaged newsreader talks Christmas Day, presents from fiance Peter Stefanovic and her silly season diet.

By Katie Skelly
A dream proposal with a glittering gem from the man of your dreams in a stunning, French vineyard is not exactly a gift you can top, which is why Sylvia Jeffreys, who was lucky enough to have this happen to her back in July, is not expecting too much for Christmas this year.
“It’s certainly going to be hard to up the ante on that,” the Today host told Body and Soul. “He did well, I’m so lucky. I had zero input. He got me by surprise.”
When asked what gift she’ll be presenting her hubby-to-be this year, Sylvia quips: “If I got him a pile of Cherry Ripes and tins of tuna, he’d probably be a very happy man. A few pairs of undies wouldn’t go astray either.”
The couple, who met while hosting Weekend Today around Christmas time a few years ago, will this year spend the holiday in Sydney with Sylvia’s family, who will be travelling down from Queensland.
She recalls spending time at her grandparent’s house on the Gold Coast, playing cricket and touch football and spending days at the beach. “I love the nostalgia this time of year evokes,” the 30-year-old says.
Like many Australian families, Sylvia will be enjoying fresh prawns, pudding and the big day’s leftovers. While the 30-year-old admits she “never counts calories”, she does, however, give herself a “bit of leeway at this time of year".

“I’m always conscious of my health and I’m more conscious of it at Christmas because temptations increase.
“But I think it’s important to not think about how you look, and know that in January things are going to get back on track.”
And although she plans to do so by fitting in three Pilates classes, two jogs and a yoga class each week, Sylvia won’t feel too disappointed if a better offer comes up.
Prawns, pudding and skipping a run? Sylvia is a girl after our own heart.

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