The one simple step to a better sex life

And no, it’s not reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

Having a healthy sex life doesn’t just increase your connection with your partner.
You might be surprised to discover that getting in between the sheets can actually have significant improvements on your overall health.
From lower stress levels and sounder sleep, to boosting your immunity and even preventing a heart attack!
Sure, there are many reasons to light a candle and lock your bedroom door this evening, but what if your libido is simply nowhere to be seen for a totally inexplicable reason?
It is at this point that we should probably inform you about a commonly unknown reason for a lack of sex drive, and that, dear friends, is kidney disease.
Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland long suffered from kidney disease before a transplant in 2012.
In a statistic that may shock you, one in three Australian’s are at risk of kidney disease.
This includes those who smoke, are overweight, have high blood pressure, have diabetes, are over 60 or have a history of kidney failure.
As the organ plays a key role in filtering and removing waste products and excess fluid from the body, the decline of their effective function can lead to a number of complications.
While your heart’s function can become impaired and your immune system can be shaken, a decrease in sex drive and impotence is a cause of concern for many of those affected.
Staying adequately hydrated is a key way to help your kidneys perform their crucial role to the best of their ability.
Of course, sexuality is more than just the act itself. Among other things, it’s how you express yourself and your sexual feelings for others, and chronic kidney disease has the ability to impact one's sexuality in more ways than one.
Physical changes associated with the kidney disease include weight fluctuation, body odour, itchy skin and anaemia, which can actually affect your ability to achieve orgasm or maintain an erection.
These changes are sure to make a person feel a little bit uncomfortable in their skin, which is why it’s totally understandable for said person to want to eschew the horizontal tango.
WATCH: Modern Family's Sarah Hyland opens up about her battle with kidney disease. Article continues...
We know that breast cancer demands regular breast screenings, and healthy skin requires SPF, so what should we do about the prevention of kidney disease?
Common early symptoms to look out for include tiredness and a loss of breath, as is swelling in the arms and legs, poor concentration and the need to use the bathroom more frequently.
As 90% of kidney function can be lost before you even notice symptoms, prevention and early detection has never been so important.
What many are unaware of is that KidneyCheck health screening tests are readily available exclusively from your local Amcal pharmacy to be done in the privacy of your own home.
So it couldn't be easier to get peace of mind that your kidneys are in good shape!
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With healthy kidneys you can make like Kim and Kanye in the bedroom!

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