Home and Away star Nic Westaway's INCREDIBLE body transformation will make your jaw drop

Check out those GLORIOUS abs!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Die-hard Home and Away fans will remember the very handsome Nic Westaway and his character Kyle Braxton.
Westaway starred in the Aussie soap from 2012 until 2016 and won fans over with his dazzling smile and bad-boy good looks.
Now several years after he left the show to further pursue his acting career, the brunette hottie has revealed his incredible body transformation - all achieved in just five short months.
If you follow Nic on Instagram - he's got a whopping 254,000 followers - you'll know that now he's a qualified personal trainer and has developed and insanely ripped physique.
And the 30-year-old he's revealed just how much he was able to transform his figure.
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"Last year I became a qualified Personal Trainer and saw simple changes make big impacts in people lives," Nic wrote on Instagram.
"Fitness should complement the other things in your life, not take over or stress you out ☺️Training can be simple. And when I say training, I mean exercising, eating well and letting your body recover 💪🏻".
The Sydney-based hottie regularly treats his followers to sexy shirtless pics - plus shots of himself working out hard in the gym - and we're certainly not complaining!
You're welcome. (@nicwestaway/Instagram)
Nic pumping the weights in the gym. (@nicwestaway/Instagram)
Home and Away fans were loving Nic's transformation, flocking to his Instagram account to praise the young actor for putting in the hard work at the gym.
"Um Kyle Braxton's coming back and he's ready for the bay," one commenter joked, while another said, "Bruh Kyle can work at the gym then."
Others said Nic had inspired them to take control of their own weight.
"Looking great man, I'm currently struggling with losing weight as its affecting my self esteem. I guess five months can change a lot," one commenter wrote.
Another said: "I'm just a random 18 year old wreck but I would love to have that confidence and motivation that helps build you up and make you stronger, you clearly have it and I envy you. Congratulations on the build man 👌"
Kyle Braxton and the boys back in the day on Summer Bay. Channel Seven
You'd think his handsome good looks and killer body would make it easy to snag a girl, but Nic says his high profile career was actually a detriment to his dating life.
"It's hard to have a relationship or a conversation with a girl if she thinks my ego is bigger or smaller than it should be, when their job is just as important as my job," he told the Daily Mail in 2016.
"Sometimes they'll put me above them," he said.
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In fact, Nic turned to Tinder to meet women, and it's where he met his now ex-girlfriend, model Shenae Gillespie.
"It's a bit hard meeting people out so my mates pushed me to do it," he told The West Australian of his time on Tinder.
"It's kind of an interesting thing, I had some friends that were on there and I think I just lucked out."

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