Summer Bay Bodies: The stars of Home and Away reveal their fitness and wellness secrets

Here's how the stars stay in top shape

By TV Week team
Home And Away's fit and fabulous cast reveal the health, food and wellness philosophies that keep them looking and feeling their best.

Orpheus Pledger, 25

Find your own motivation
"I've found that the intention to start exercising is the hardest. But once you give it a go, it's not in the instant success where you find satisfaction – it's in the little bits of effort that add up. Consistency is the key."
Orpheus says consistency is key.

James Stewart, 43

Think before you eat
"I've always been pretty physical – I surf, go to the gym and I've got a kid. But as I've gotten older, I've realised that I need to watch the things I eat and seek out the alternatives. That being said, I'm not the guy who's saying, 'I'll just have some lettuce and a soda water.' That's not a life."

Georgie Parker, 54

Swimming through the pain
"I have scoliosis, so my fitness needs are different to someone who just wants to stay fit. My fitness is a byproduct of needing to move for my back, so I swim a lot and also go to the gym and do specific weights. I do a lot, but it's mainly to deal with my back. But I love moving."

Sarah Roberts

Listen to your body
"I don't really believe in dieting, but I do notice that when I don't eat carbohydrates or sugar, my brain works quicker and I feel a lot happier and less sluggish. That said, it's important to enjoy everything in moderation."

Sam Frost, 29

Maintaining a positive mindset
"It's so easy to say negative or flippant things about ourselves. I try to be mindful of staying positive. We have to be kinder to ourselves. It's easy to tear ourselves down and talk harshly, but we should love our bodies regardless of what they look like. It's all we've got."

Tim Franklin, 28

Physical and mental strength
"I've been meditating for about 10 years – that's an anchor I have during any stressful or down times. Physically, I train at boot camp at 5.30 every morning. You get a huge endorphin kick – although my body is screaming after each session!"

Emily Eskell, 28

Navigating nutrition and moderation
"I eat what I want and if I feel disgusting, then I try not to eat so much bad stuff. I eat fast food, but I also eat a lot of fresh food from my garden. But I absolutely notice the difference when what I eat isn't from a packet or processed."
"I eat what I want and if I feel disgusting, then I try not to eat so much bad stuff."

Olivia Deeble, 16

Move to the beat
"I was a dancer and gymnast before I was in Home And Away, so when I can, I do casual classes at Sydney Dance Company. Otherwise, I have a wonderful trainer or I go for a run on the beach. I like my workouts to be fun and enjoyable."

Lukas Radovich, 23

My weekly Zen-out
"I try to do yoga once a week and find it really resets me. With a job that's so fast-paced, you need something that can slow you down. Plus, I can do the splits, which is a good random party trick!"

Kestie Morassi, 40

Eat well, sleep well
"Being healthy means a balance of eating well and sleeping enough – I think people forget the sleep part. It's a balance of eating well, sleeping and getting your heart rate up at least once a day – that's what's important."
Kestie reveals it's all about balance.

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