Hilary Duff’s diet involves fries, wine and cheese

I don't discriminate. I like every kind of food!

By Katie Skelly
Sign us up for this A-lister’s day on a plate!
When it comes to celebrity diets, we’ve heard just about every meal plan under the sun.
But when we heard that Hilary Duff maintains her healthy shape even while munching down our all-time favourite indulgences, well, we just had to find out more.
Speaking to Marie Claire, the 29-year-old reveals her very achievable diet - one she manages to maintain on a daily basis even with the busy lifestyle factors of an acting career and her adorable four-year-old son Luca.
Starting her day off right with breakfast, the Younger star spills her three go-to options; oatmeal with almond butter, raisins and maple syrup, avocado and tomato toast or a nutrient-packed smoothie.
According to the glossy, she blends spinach, celery, pear, apple, coriander, half a banana and “a big thing of lemon”.
"Sometimes I'll add some avocado in there to add some fat," the child star explains.

Come lunchtime, and Hilary is all about those leafy greens. But don’t worry, her salads are always paired with a delicious dose of lean protein... and fries.
"I love a turkey burger on top of a salad, or, like a piece of fish on top of a salad. I love French fries with salad.
“If I'm ordering a salad and it's really healthy and clean, I'll always be like, 'and can we have an order of French fries for the table?'"

When suppertime rolls around, Hilary likes to get creative in the kitchen with little Luca, and with a food blogger for a sister, she’s never short of inspiration.
Her favourite: steak with grilled pineapple or peaches. "Pineapple is really easy to grill, and it tastes so good," she says.
And it turns out the star is all about wine-pairing. "I like to have a beer, or a glass of wine—or two, or three," she jokes. "I don't put myself on strict rules, unless I'm getting in shape for something."
"I love French fries and a good cheese plate too," she adds. "I don't discriminate. I like every kind of food."
Now THIS sounds like a celeb diet we can stick to!
WATCH: Hilary talks about her relationship with ex Mike Comrie in the video player below. Post continues...

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