Grain bread vs white bread

Dear Judy,
I noticed that you suggest eating grain bread. I was under the impression grain bread is made from white flour which is very processed. Is not the wholemeal variety a better option? And is wholemeal pasta considered a reasonable substitute?
— Mel
Dear Mel,
Wholegrain bread is made from brown flour with grains added to it. It's the grains that help to lower the GI of bread and the more grainy the bread the better it is. You might be able to buy grainy white bread and while it is better than plain white, wholegrain is the best. As well as having a low GI, wholegrain bread has more fibre, protein, B vitamins, magnesium and zinc. Wholemeal pasta is an excellent substitute to bread as it too has a lower GI and the added nutrients that come from using brown flour. All the best,

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