Fiona Falkiner gets candid about her weight

For Fiona Falkiner, the road to loving herself has been bumpier than most – but it seems the blonde beauty has finally reached her destination, and is happier than ever!

By Blake Nadilo
When she first stood on the scales in The Biggest Loser ranch back in 2006 Fiona weighed over 101kgs and was desperately unhappy – but it took losing three dress sizes for her to realise that the number she saw wasn’t the problem at all.
When she appeared on the show almost a decade ago the blonde beauty was a 22 year-old student from Victoria watching life pass her by – she wasn’t aware then that she’s come back nine years later as the host and looking more fabulous than ever before.
“From the outside, it looked like I was living the life of a typical student but really I was putting my life on hold because of my weight and living vicariously through my friends,” she told Body and Soul.
“I was so negative about myself and about life. I desperately needed something to change.”
But when she finally got down to a size 12, she still felt the same way about herself.
“All that negativity was still there, I felt awful when I looked in the mirror,” she told the publication.
These days, Fiona is the stunning host of The Biggest Loser: Families.
“I’d always blamed my insecurities on my weight,” she said. “
But here I was, a healthy size 12 and I still hated what I looked like. It made me realise that my insecurities had nothing to do with what size I was, it had to do with my mindset.”
Now though, at 32 Fiona is a size 16, a model, TV personality and recently voted one of the sexiest women in the country by Maxim magazine – so it is safe to say that she’s never been happier.
“Health can only be achieved when you feel positive about yourself,” she told Body and Soul, “So for me, it’s been about learning to love my body, to value it and to appreciate it. When you start to love yourself, you want to look after your body and lead a healthy lifestyle.”
And The Biggest Loser host has a sensible and completely positive outlook on her body nowadays too.
“I realised that being a size 12 just wasn’t maintainable for me and I think it’s important for people to understand that everyone is different and unique.”
“I don’t look at people with rippling abs and think that’s what I want, because I know that’s not achievable for me or achieving that is going to be unhealthy and push me beyond my limits. What I want is to be the best, healthiest version of me.”

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