Duchess Catherine’s workout secrets: revealed!

The steps to sporty Kate’s enviable physique are right here, and they’re easier than you think…

By Katie Skelly
From her perfect princess locks, to her style and grace, there’s not a lot about the Duchess of Cambridge that the world doesn’t envy.
But one particular feature of hers never fails to leave the world in awe, and after two darling children, five years of marriage and endless royal feasts, we can’t help but wonder how on earth The Duchess manages to maintain her ballerina body.
A royal source says Kate, who is 5ft 9in tall, fits a size six dress.
According to a royal source, the brunette beauty, who has allegedly “dropped two whole dress sizes” since her unforgettable 2011 wedding, can credit her competitive nature for her ability to stay trim.
The Daily Mail reports that Kate’s toned arms, itty-bitty waist and muscular legs come down to a combination of fitness routines, that are often performed by the side of her sister and sports enthusiast, Pippa Middleton.
“Kate is an exercise junkie. Pippa and Kate take their toned physiques extremely seriously. And mother Carole, in her '60s, is in extremely good shape,” a palace insider told The Mail.
Kate and Pippa reportedly share a competitive nature, which helps them to push through tough workouts together!
Apparently, the mother-of-two’s favourite one-step workout is “The Plank”, a static core-focused exercise that encompasses and activates all muscle groups without the need for any expensive equipment.
“It tightens her muscles,” says the source.
“There are three elements, the basic plank, the side plank and the prone sky dive, all of which are positions Kate can hold for 45 seconds or longer and repeat at least ten times each.”
Planking helps to slim and tone all key areas of the body, including the tummy, arms and legs.
To make like Kate and implement this workout at home, all you’ll need is a clear space and a bit of will-power!
Hold a position similar to that of a push-up, but instead of your hands, use your whole forearms as your foundation of support. Hold for 30-45 seconds, and repeat after short rest periods.
WATCH: Duchess Catherine's hairdresser shows us how to get her locks! Article continues...
Kate likes to join her kids in the garden for a workout that is both fun and fulfilling. She loves to run around after her little ones, “sometimes with Charlotte in her buggy and their dog Lupo at her side."
Apparently, Prince William’s wife chooses not to use the guidance of a personal trainer, but rather enlists the support of her sister to get through the gruelling workouts together.
Before The Cambridge’s summer getaway to France, she and Pippa were determined to getting “beach body ready."
To achieve this, “they worked hard in the gym at Kensington Palace, starting with cardio warm-ups, hip raises, diagonal and reverse lunges, stomach crunches, squats, calf raises, bridges and push-ups.”
"The tennis court at Anmer has been the scene of many hard-fought matches, singles and doubles," says a palace insider.
And because we simply cannot have one without the other, The Duchess also likes to ensure that her healthy lifestyle is fueled by only the freshest ingredients.
“She drinks smoothies morning and afternoon, containing spirulina, kale, matcha, spinach, romaine, cilantro and blueberries.”
But apparently, you won’t see Kate slip-up and devour a chocolate pudding! When the sugar cravings show, she blends a sweet mix of almond milk and fresh berries.
“Her organic diet is rich in antioxidants and she adores salads and bowls of seasonal fruits.”

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