Hot mama alert: Coco Austin shows off her post-baby body!

Coco Austin is letting the world know that she has bounced back into her pre-pregnancy body.

The new mum commemorated her first official trip back to the gym with a selfie, where she proudly showed off her abs.
"I stopped going [to the gym] pretty much a year ago when I got pregnant with Chanel," the 37-year-old penned along with the photo.
Back to the gym for Miss Austin.
"Well, 4 months after delivering her I have had no motivation because all I want to do is use my time to raise my baby and watch her grow."
"I don't want to be separated from her at all. Plus I can't be too long because I still breastfeed."
Ice T’s Mrs went on to explain how she left her darling bub at the gym’s crèche, and was able to spend three hours doing a spin and yoga class.
The buxom blonde shared with her fans what she wants to areas she’d like to focus on working on her body.
Coco couldn't be prouder of her motherly curves.
"Surprising I liked what [I] saw.. I did eat really good through my pregnancy and now I can speak on it and say this is proof that with a decent diet and no gym your body can still stay somewhat together after a baby," she continued.
"I literally had a big bowl of mixed fruit everyday which I give credit to."
But the curvaceous model still had one nagging issue she wanted to speak about.
"I got a little skinny for my taste during pregnancy and want to build some muscle back," she concluded.
Coco and Ice T have been married for over 14 years, and the rapper is a huge fan of his wife's body.
"Thankfully I have gained some weight back recently."
Clearly proud of her body, the mum-of-one shared a sweet photo with her baby, where Coco flaunted her assets and abs in a hot pink bikini.
Unlike many pregnancies, Coco revealed to E! News in her blog that when she found out she was expecting, she discovered that she actually lost 4.5kg.
"I'm really into my cocktails. Like, every single night I have some wine. Of course I stopped drinking right when I got pregnant, but I think that has a lot to do with it."

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