Coco Austin appears on The Dr Oz. Show to talk about her miracle baby

At 36 years old, Coco Austin has become a first-time mother and it’s something she thought she’d never get to celebrate.

By Bella Brennan
In an emotional new interview on The Dr. Oz Show, the curvaceous reality star has revealed all on her long road to motherhood.
“I have a baby. I love her. Makes me cry, when I see her, ’cause I made this little girl, ’cause they said I couldn’t. And I did! Screw the haters,” she explained to Dr. Oz.
The former Playboy pin-up, who has been married to 58-year-old rapper/actor Ice-T since 2002, was told by doctors her extremely high blood pressure meant she’d never be able to conceive.
“I actually had high blood pressure since [I was] 6 years old. No one knew about it until when I hit 30. I’m 36 now,” Coco mused as she proudly cradled her newborn bub in her arms.
"I got it under control. I started taking the pills that they wanted, the medicine. I take one in the morning at at night. After [having] the baby, [my blood pressure] is right on. I don't even have to take as much medicine because of it."
A candid Coco Austin explained to Dr. Oz that her high blood pressure jeopardized her conceiving.
Coco, real name Nicole Natalie, has previously opened up about her health battles in a series of candid admissions on social media.
“My doctor said I couldn’t have children cuz I would have a stroke If I didn’t get it under control. I was pissed to hear that and wanted a child even more. So Chanel is a blessing,” she has penned.
“My blood pressure was 174/111 since I was six years old. It’s in the family and no right diet or exercise can help.”
The 36-year-old shared this romantic snap with hubby Ice-T, who has two other children from two previous relationship, on Valentine's Day last week.
But the star has defied the odds and it's something she's reminded of every time she looks into the eyes of her three-month-old miracle baby.
A tearful Coco also revealed she lost around four kilograms as soon as she quit alcohol.
"I stopped that [booze] during pregnancy. And I lost ten pounds right away. So while I was pregnant, I lost ten pounds. Go figure, I was pregnant and losing weight. How does that happen?" She chuckled.

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