Cameron Diaz has the most wanted figure by women, while men prefer Kate Upton's body

Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton.
It's no surprise that women want a slim and toned body like actress Cameron Diaz. But what is surprising is the difference between what women and men consider as the most wanted figure.
A study, which was conducted by both Men’s HealthUK andWomen’s HealthUK magazines, revealed that while Cameron Diaz has women’s ultimate figure, the gents have picked Kate Upton has having the most desired shape.
Kate, 22, who starred alongside Cameron in The Other Woman, has carved out a successful career as a swimsuit model and is known globally for her curvy body.
The stunning blonde opened up to Elle UK earlier this year about her voluptuous frame.
"When I first started modeling, I was a normal catalogue model," she told the magazine, "then, I became a woman, and I was really excited … Because I’m from Florida, it’s all about being in bathing suits … You are ugly if you don’t have a curvy body. And I didn’t have one, and then I got one, and thought, 'Yessss!'"
The authors of a Journal of Psychology study called 'Sex differences in perceptions of desirable body shape' showed 248 males and 227 females a set of nine figure drawings arranged from very thin to very heavy figures.
They found that "Men thought women would like a heavier stature than females reported they like, and women thought men would like women thinner than men reported they like."
In their assessment, the authors said: "Our data suggest that women are misinformed and exaggerate the magnitude of thinness that men desire," write the authors, "probably as a result of promotion of thinness in women through advertising by the diet industry."
The Men's Health poll also found that men wanted Hugh Jackman's Wolverine physique, while women preferred Ryan Gosling’s body.

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