Body Blitz: Anna Heinrich tells us her diet and fitness secrets

Anna Heinrich’s figure is just as beautiful as the personality that won the nation’s – not to mention Tim Robards’ – heart on season one of The Bachelor! We spoke with the 28-year-old to share some of her shine and borrow a few of her healthy tips.
NW: Has your diet changed over the years?
ANNA: My diet has certainly changed over the past two years. Before living with Tim, I used to live with my gorgeous mum who, let’s just say, loves to cook. Her love of cooking wasn’t always great for my waistline. Dessert and heavy meals were a part of my daily life. My diet now consists of lighter meals (such as fish or meat with vegetables) and eating when I am hungry, not just because it’s there! We still head to my mum’s for some #JUDESFOOD on a Monday night – my cheat night.
Has being with Tim made you healthier?
Living and being a part of Tim’s life has certainly made me more health conscious. We both live and breathe a healthy lifestyle. Eating well and being active is just a given in our household. I now know the importance of surrounding yourself with positive, healthy people who bring you up, not down. It’s key to changing an unhealthy lifestyle. Tim has been a positive change for me in many ways.
As a lawyer you’re office-bound. How do you avoid the bikky tin? Do you pack your lunches?
I actually don’t pack my lunch as the lunch period gives me an opportunity to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. I have an addictive personality when it comes to food. I always head to the same salad bar where I can choose what ingredients I would like in my salad. My salad usually consists of tuna, lettuce, tomato, tofu, peas, roast pumpkin and carrots.
What are your go-to healthy meals and snacks at work?
My go-to snacks would have to be nuts like almonds, dark chocolate and fruit – I love a good orange and all berries.
We hear you and your grandma do yoga together! That’s lovely!
My grandma is 91 and the funny thing is, she’s not the oldest in the class. It inspires me to push myself harder and live a healthy life. If she can do it, so can I. Fitness and living a healthy life bonds people together. When I lived with my mum, we would go and do a gym class together. It became our mother-daughter bonding session. Nowadays, fitness has become a very social activity, an excuse to catch up with friends and family whilst still incorporating a healthy lifestyle. I love to do gym classes with friends on a weekend followed by a healthy and delicious breakfast. One of my favourite things to do.
Do you and Tim train together for a little bit of extra quality time? What workouts do you do?
Tim and I regularly work out together, it is an activity that brings us closer. Tim is proud of where he is, in his life, when it comes to health and fitness. We are both extremely active people and love getting out and about. Most recently, we have been working out following “The Robards Method” which incorporates body weighted exercises. Let me tell you, the day after is quite painful. But a painful day is eased by a massage – so it’s win, win!
Anna Heinrich is the face of Bupa’s Caring for Our Greats campaign which calls on all Aussies to connect with the special people in their lives who’ve inspired and helped make them who they are – just like Anna’s grandma. Share the story of your Great online using #CaringforourGreats and find out more at theblueroom.bupa.com.au/greats.

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