Biggest Loser stars say: If you've got it, flaunt it!

Fiona Falkiner and sisters Melanie and Holly Scouler are turning heads on the beach.
Strolling along the beach in revealing swimsuits, their heads held high, these beauties prove how much they love their bodies.
But it wasn’t long ago that wearing a bikini in public was something Fiona Falkiner and sisters Melanie and Holly Scouler – who have all overcome major battles with their weight – would never have dreamed of.
But finally, these former The Biggest Loser stars have embraced their trimmed-down figures and are ready to step out in style on the sand.
After collectively losing a remarkable 77kg on the TV show, these beach babes have every reason to love their curves. Fiona, 28, who was thrust into the spotlight after shedding 29.5kg on The Biggest Loser  in 2006, is now one of Australia’s most in-demand plus-size models but her bikini body confidence hasn’t always been so high.
“Growing up I was really shy and insecure about myself,” says Fiona, who was 101kg at her heaviest. “On the show I lost weight but not my insecurities. “You think if you lose weight, it will solve all your problems, but it doesn’t. It takes a lot of time and life experience to make you feel really happy and confident.”

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