Beat the flu with these immunity boosting foods

Have you been feeling a little fluey lately? Instead of visiting the pharmacy, visit the greengrocers and stock up on foods that boost your immune system.
Nutritionist Joanna McMillan says preventing the flu and other bugs this winter is as easy as boosting your immune system by eating a healthy well-rounded diet that includes the following foods:
Garlic: Whether it is cooked or uncooked, garlic has great immunity boosting qualities. If you don't like garlic, leeks and onions are from the same family and will also have an immune-boosting effect, as will ginger.
Zinc: Oysters have the highest level of zinc, but if they aren't available or you don't like then lean red meat is your next option. For vegetarians, wholegrains are the way to go.
Leafy green vegetables: Vegetables are an important party of all diets, but the leafy green ones are the best for boosting immunity. Things such as bok choy, spinach and broccoli will all work.
Legumes: Around 70 percent of our immune system is in the gut so it is important to keep it as healthy as possible. Legumes provide good bacteria that your gut needs.

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