These smoking hot reality TV stars show off their incredible weight loss transformations

Our favourite babes share how they got their bangin bodies!

By Emma Shepherd
Being on a reality TV show might sound fun on paper, but in, um, reality, it can actually take a huge toll on your physical and mental health.
As four of Australia's most popular reality TV babes have revealed exclusively to NW, being on TV isn't all parties and Champagne.
Some of these women hit rock bottom while on the show, or as they tried to transition back into the real world after filming ended, and struggled to get out.
But eventually, they all embraced a healthier lifestyle and now want to shout their amazing transformations from the rooftops.
And when you look this good, why not?

Kiki Morris: "I had an eating disorder!"

Kiki pictured during filming of The Bachelor. Channel 10
Kiki has struggled with body image issues. Instagram
Kiki first graced our screens on Richie Strahan's season of The Bachelor.
And the 32-year-old now tells NW the experience left her feeling "fat and insecure", and claims watching herself on the dating show was "tough".
"I gained a lot of weight as we just sat there in the house snacking and talking about emotional stuff!" the model admits.
"It was a huge thing to watch myself back because I suffered from eating disorders and anorexia when I was young, which took me a long time to get over. So seeing myself brought back some of those thoughts."
While Kiki's set to return to reality TV on *Bachelor In Paradise*, she says she found a way to overcome any negative thoughts.
"I turned it into a positive energy and it fuelled me to get into shape, be healthier and start eating properly," she admits.
Girl power!

Jo McPharlin aka Foxy Jojo: "I quit beer and junk food"

Foxy JoJo has her mojo back!
The MAFS sweetheart, 42, has a new lease on life after dropping several dress sizes. So, what's her secret? "I started eating smaller portions, had zero junk food, no beers and did two 15-minute walks a day," the mother-of-two tells NW.
"Go at your own pace. Stop comparing yourself to others and start loving what you have. Tell your reflection, 'You are beautiful. You are enough.' Own your size."
Jo was one of the most popular and most-loved brides on MAFS. Channel Nine
How incredible does she look?! Instagram

Jessika Power: "MAFS made me get surgery!"

Jessika with her "groom" Mick on MAFS. Channel Nine
Jess looks incredible now! Instagram
It's no secret that Jess dabbled in cosmetic tweakments pre-MAFS.
But it wasn't until after seeing herself on TV that the husband-stealing villain decided to transform into a real-life Barbie doll.
"It was the worst, especially seeing what my face looked like," Jess, 28, tells NW during a candid chat.
"My lips were lumpy, my cheekbones weren't prominent... I just looked sick. So I had fillers in my cheeks, and had my lips dissolved and re-done. I've also had a brow lift, jaw-slimming and 10 veneers."
Jessika adds that she lost roughly 10 kilos from all the stress and anxiety. She claims she didn't eat for three weeks, was addicted to Valium, consumed more than her body weight in alcohol and partied almost every night following her break-up with Dan Webb.
"It was a hard time in my life, but I'm glad I've found a healthy regime now. I eat three proper meals each day."
Awww – more, er, Power to you, babe!
WATCH BELOW: See this mum's incredible 30kg weight loss transformation. Story continues after video.

Sogand Mohtat: "I put on five kilos!"

Sogand looking stunning during her time on The Bachelor. Channel 10
Sogand went on The Bachelor hoping to win Matt Agnew's final rose.
Instead, she walked away single and with some extra padding.
Yep, the Persian beauty, 31, admits to NW she put on five kilos during filming but has since bounced back to her pre-fame weight after using Macros pre-made meals.
She also works out four times a week. Phew!
"I put on weight from stress and anxiety from the show – I didn't want to leave my house and I was stress eating," the civil engineer explains.
"I'm a lot healthier and happier with myself now that I am off TV."
Good for you, darl!
Sogand says she has dropped five kilos since leaving the Bachie mansion. Instagram

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