7 athletes on how sport improved their self-esteem

Confidence = goals.

By BTYB Suncorp #TeamGirls
By now, we're well-versed in the many physical benefits of sport.
There's a constant flow of new studies to prove what we already know – that leading an active lifestyle can help us to lose weight, assist heart attack recovery and even prevent the risk of some cancers, among other things.
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But recent studies have also found a link between sport and confidence. Research shows that 75 percent of teenage girls attribute their self-esteem to having supportive friends and family, with goal setting and sports participation key factors found to improve confidence.
Backing the stats, there have been a number of sporting greats who've vocalised their positive experiences with sport, and how it has helped them to find value within themselves and improve other aspects of their lives.
Here, seven athletes who have spoken openly about sport improving their self-esteem:
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