Artificial sweeteners contribute to weight gain

There’s nothing sweet about the popular sugar substitute with new research indicating artificial sweetener leads with weight gain.

By Chloe Lal
You may think you’re doing the right thing by eliminating sugar from your life, but replacing it with a sweetener can be more detrimental to your health.
The University of Sydney reported in a new study published in Cell Metabolism that, "Both animals and humans have suggested that consuming artificial sweeteners [sucralose, specifically] can make you feel hungry and actually eat more."
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This huge insight into the ingredient was previously a discussed back in 2013, when a study discovered that artificially sweetened beverages can contribute to being overweight, advising that those looking to lose weight were better of steering clear from "diet" foods.
While sugar is all kinds of delicious, there’s no need to bid adieu to the sweet life just yet… Here our top three picks for sugar substitutes that will keep you AND your doctor smiling!
Natural sugars are the crowning jewel... so give artificial sweeteners the flick!
1. Raw Honey
It has incredible health benefits including, it’s a natural antibacterial, boosts the immune system, promotes digestive health, and is high in antioxidants. Sadly it is high in sugar, so make sure you have it in moderation!
2. Coconut palm sugar
This goodie is extracted sap of the coconut palm, boiled and dehydrated. It has a very low fructose content, high in potassium and vitamin C but it does have fructose and the same carbs and calories as sugar.
3.Date sugar
It’s basically just dried dates that have been blitzed into a fine powder. While it doesn’t melt (so you can’t add it to your tea/coffee) this is a fab ingredient to use when baking – it is very sweet so you only need about 2/3 of the amount in place of the sugar.

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