5 beauty benefits of coffee

This delicious elixir of life doesn’t just wake you up in the morning.

As if coffee wasn’t already good enough!
Most of us look to coffee as a way to become a friendly, functional human being before 9.00am, but caffeine happens to be a miracle worker that has many magical properties to make your skin sing!
Whether you experience redness, cellulite or even puffy eyes, you can trust that coffee has a way of ensuring that you can look your best without the harsh chemicals, prodding, lasers and million dollar creams.
Take a look below at our top five beauty benefits of caffeine, and prepare to fall more in love with coffee - like that was even possible!
1. Banish under-eye bags
Just like its ability to alert your brain, coffee also has the power to wake up your eyes, and more specifically reduce the appearance of those 2.00am Netflix binge-watch bags.
When applied topically, the anti-inflammatory properties found in the delicious beans help to reduce dark circles by constricting the blood vessels while simultaneously promoting circulation. We recommend adding a spoon to your favourite moisturizer, before wiping it away.
This helps the area to appear more radiant and bright.
2. Say goodbye to cellulite
While cellulite is a natural occurrence in just about every body and is, of course, NOTHING to be embarrassed about, a little tightening never hurt anyone.
Caffeine can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite by dehydrating and drawing fluids away from fat cells, causing the area to tighten up and smooth out.
DIY yourself a coffee body scrub at home by mixing up a paste made of with cup of ground coffee, coconut oil and brown sugar, and apply daily in the shower for best results.
Bachelorette star Sam Frost is a regular coffee scrubber.
3. Fight fine lines
Coffee packs a series punch of antioxidants, which in addition to being amazing for overall skin health, can also fight premature aging.
It works by attacking and eliminating free radicals, which we know contribute to wrinkles, sun spots and that loss of elasticity we all dread.
Coffee’s antioxidant superpower, flavonoids, are released when brewed, so drink up!
4. Hello healthy hair
We all know that caffeine is a stimulant, so it would only make sense for the delicious beans to help stimulate hair follicles when applied topically.
In fact, recent research published in the British Journal of Dermatology found caffeine as an effective treatment for hair loss and baldness.
For the brunettes out there, boost your hair growth and shine and by mixing up a treatment of coffee grounds and coconut oil, and massage into damp hair before rinsing.
The treatment will not only help to enhance growth and nourish your locks, but will also add a rich depth to your colour.
Jennifer Aniston knows a thing or two about coffee's beauty benefits!
5. Be baby smooth
That baby soft feeling you achieve after a good scrub and exfoliation can be achieved on the daily with a homemade coffee scrub.
Mix coffee grounds, olive oil and sea salt into a paste and lather over your arms and legs in the shower to remove dry and dead skin, leaving you with a silky smooth finish.
The antioxidants in the caffeine will help to reduce redness and even your skin tone while the olive oil moisturises deeply.
Check out this homemade cellulite scrub recipe in the video player below!
Keep a youthful glow like Mila with coffee from the inside and out!

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