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Woman has breast reduction on her triple N sized chest

Texas woman Kerisha Mark underwent surgery to reduce the size of her triple N breasts. PHOTO: KTRK
In her late 30's Mark reportedly developed gigantomastia – a rare hormonal condition which causes a person’s breasts to exceed three per cent of their body weight – and Mark's breasts ballooned into a triple-N cups.
Mark's condition got so bad she was unable to find any bras to accommodate her large chest and had to keep her breasts, both of which weighed nearly 7 kilos each, supported with duct tape.
"I could not run or jump or work out at all," she told the Washington Post. "I was very limited in a lot of things I could do."
Mark said she often suffered from pulled muscles in her chest, severe back pain and emotional distress.
After several years of reluctantly considering surgery the 40-year-old finally decided to undergo a reduction procedure in October and allowed news cameras followed her into the operating room.
Kerisha Mark, 40, before she got the life changing breast reduction. PHOTO: KTRK
The life changing procedure was performed by Houston plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose.
Rose told the Washington Post that he had never seen breasts that large in his 35 years of surgical experience.
"I don't know if I would use this word 'shocking', but it was certainly startling to see breasts of that magnitude," he said.
While the operation took four hours if Mark did not seek medical intervention she would have likely developed degenerative kyphosis, in which a hunchback forms on a person's spine.
Rose removed around seven kilos of breast tissue to leave Kerisha with full but manageable DD cups.
Kerisha Mark post-surgery with her smaller DD chest. PHOTO: KTRK
Post-surgery, Mark said she "mourned the death" of her breasts but was excited to make a few purchases to help her adjust to her new shape.
"My first thing on the agenda is to purchase a beautiful bra and second is to buy a strapless dress," she said.

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