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Why you should eat more eggs

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Eggs have had a bad rap in the nutrition stakes for years, most often being criticised as causing cholesterol to climb.
But it turns out that they're not that bad for you, with most evidence suggesting that foods containing saturated fat and trans fat have more influence on blood levels of cholesterol.
In fact, a Harvard School of Public Health study found no relationship between moderate egg consumption (up to one a day) and cardiovascular disease in healthy people.
Another egg-friendly study published in the journal Food Chemistry has found that egg yolks actually contain twice as many heart-healthy antioxidant properties as an apple does.
The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Alberta Department of Agricultural and Nutritional Science, showed that the yolks were packed with two amino acids, tryptophan and tyrosine, that ward off both cancer and heart disease.
One tip: try to buy organic eggs wherever possible, as they tend to have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D than conventionally farmed eggs.
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