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Green, yellow or brown: What is the perfect banana?

This is probably the most important question you'll answer today...

By Philippa Tonkin
A post shared by Instagram account 'fitness_meals' asking fans how they like their bananas has gone viral sparking an intense online debate.

The snap shared by the 2.3 million follower account shows 15 different bananas, ranging from green all the way through to almost black, and asks fans which number is the perfect banana.
The post already has nearly 5, 000 likes and has sent the internet into a frenzy. The account said it would pick 5 and 6 but most people have selected 8-10.
Chrissy Teigen would obviously be a 12-15!

Are bananas actually the perfect breakfast?

UK based health coach Dr Daryl Gioffre says while bananas do have high levels of potassium, fibre and magnesium, which might cause one to think they would be the best breaky on the go, they're made up of 25 per cent natural sugar, which means you'll crash soon after eating.
"They'll give you a quick boost," Gioffre told Metro UK, "but you'll soon be tired and feeling hungry."
Perhaps, it's best to stick to dressing like a banana à la Kate Middleton and stay away from the yellow fruit in the morning.
Catherine told royal watcher Heather Easton as she arrived at the Sydney Opera House in 2014 that "William said [she] look[ed] like a banana."
Gioffre says that unless a banana is paired with another "healthy fat" food, they'll only temporarily fill you up and leave you feeling lethargic later on.
"Without balancing this banana breakfast with a healthy fat, many of [the] benefits are lost, while spikes in blood sugar and acid are gained," says Gioffre.
Maggie Smith, or in fact her character from The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, would definitely be a 6 or above.
But they are also one of nature's finest superfoods - they are a good source of vitamin B6 vitamin C, potassium, dietary fibre, potassium and manganese, which is a powerful antioxidant that seeks out the free radicals in the human body and neutralises these damaging particles.
So at the end of the day, or the start of the morning, a balanced breaky is always a good idea, and bananas can be integrated into that balance.