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Trick your body into losing weight

Want to know why you can't shift those kilos?

A new study has revealed that our subconscious may be the thing that’s preventing us from being the weight that we want reports news.com.au.
Food behaviour specialist, Brian Wansink, has assessed tens of thousands of eaters to get an understanding of how people make food decisions.
By wiring subjects up to tracking devices, secretly monitoring them and analysing their fridges, bins and trolleys, Dr Wansink has been able to gain a comprehensive insight into eating habits.
By understanding the choices we make, Dr Wansink has also been able to work out the behaviours that affect our food choices and subconsciously keep our weight either up or down.
Apparently the height of your wine glass affects how much you pour into it, and swapping your bucket of wine to a champagne flute could cut consumption by 10 per cent.
If you eat loads after a work-out and undo all of your hard work, naming your workout may help. Telling yourself you’re taking a scenic walk, or partaking in strengthening or toning exercises may change your mindset and help you grab a healthy snack to recover rather than eating a horse for protein.
Everyone has fallen into the trap of shopping on an empty stomach, but unhealthy cravings can kick in at any time. Chew on a piece of minty gum to short-circuit the cravings. Also, studies have shown that fruit and vegetables look more appealing in an empty trolley, so shop from the produce section first and fill your trolley with fresh vibrant food. Then go to the healthier aisles directly rather than amble up each tempting aisle. Theoretically, by the time you hit the junk food, you’ll be over shopping and ready to get out of there.
Well lit seating in restaurants can affect your choice as can whether you face the buffet or not. Slim people eat differently from a buffet than overweight people so your hardwiring (and plate size) may be the way to finally change your habits to get the physique you want.

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