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Revealed: What the TODAY show hosts eat for breakfast every day

Classic family winter staples.

By Amber Elias
Lisa Wilkinson is known for keeping fit and healthy, but it surprised us to learn that her good habits seems to have rubbed off on the rest of the TODAY show team.
In a video posted on the TODAY Facebook page, Lisa and Sylvia Jeffreys revealed what the team eat for breakfast on set every day, and there wasn't any lavish gold leaf caviar in sight.
Sylvia goes for traditional porridge.
Sylvia opts for a traditional winter staple: a bowl of porridge. She adds a sliced banana (a classic topping) and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
"Breakfast time at the desk for me is porridge - there's a lot of it, I don't always eat all that I swear! A bit of cinnamon and some banana," says Sylvia.
Lisa and the national supply of passion fruits.
Lisa, on the other hand, has her own special muesli that she has eaten "every day for the last three years."
Karl Stefanovic and Lisa have the same breakfast (adorable, we know), although Karl has "a little bit of honey in his" according to Lisa.
The muesli in question is from a brand called The Good Mix, and isn't your traditional blend of oats and fruit. As Lisa explains "it's a lot of seeds and nuts soaked in water."
On the product's website, the ingredients are listed as follows:
~ Chia seeds
~ Goji Berries
~ Cacao nibs
~ Amaranth
~ Millet
~ Pepitas
~ Sesame seeds
~ Linseeds
~ Buckwheat
~ Coconut
~ Almonds
So as you can imagine, it's a very healthy and nutritious way to start the day. However the real secret to Lisa's breakfast is in the "national lot of passionfruits," she jokes. "No passionfruit left in Australia right now, I just put lots and lots and lots of passionfruit on top."
Lisa has previously told Yours magazine that "every morning on the set of TODAY, I have a mug of boiling water with cut-up ginger, fresh lemon juice and lemon rind. It kickstarts my system. I’ve been drinking it for 10 years."
So as it turns out a breakfast of seeds and nuts soaked in water and hot water with ginger and lemon really is the breakfast of champions.
Well, the breakfast of a champion journalist.