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The *real* reason why you’re afraid of the dentist

And it’s not just because they extracted that sad-looking bicuspid...

Reclined, fluorescent lights beaming in your eyes and a woman wedging your mouth open with a metal apparatus synonymous with something you’d find in a toolbox… Sure, going to the dentist isn’t always the most pleasant of experiences.
So, while booking (and keeping) a dentist appointment is imperative for your dental health, it’s OK if you don't wholeheartedly enjoy the experience.
Because science says so.
According to psychology researchers from West Virginia University in the U.S., developing a fear of dental treatment stems from a fear of pain. Not only that, but it’s actually your parents fear of pain, passed down to you, which could be responsible for your fear in dentists.
Upon making this discovery, Cameron Randall, one of the authors of this research piece, says now that they’ve found this link, “it may help us develop new ways to treat dental fear and phobia”.
Our teeth are chattering in anticipation…
If you are afraid of the dentist, WebMd suggests talking to your dentist about it; they can devise a strategy that will make you feel more comfortable and at ease during your visit. You can also contact your GP for a confidential chat about it, too.
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