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Meowmaste: You can now take a yoga class with rescue cats

Where do we sign up?

Those feline a little bit tense will be pleased to discover that you can meow practice your downward-facing cat pose alongside a whole bunch of adorable rescue kittens.
Good Mews, a cage-free cat shelter in Marietta, Georgia in the U.S. is making cat ladies’ dreams come true with their regular Yoga With Cats sessions, started in a bid to attract new adopters.
“Our mission is ‘finding good homes for good kitties,’ and the volunteer marketing committee, which I lead, does all we can to help carry out this mission by thinking of new ways to introduce our cats to potential adopters,” says Nancy Riley, marketing chair and member of the Good Mews Animal Foundation board of directors.
“We have about 100 cats in the shelter, and at least half usually wander through a yoga class and choose a mat to call their own,” Nancy told People magazine.
“It’s a great nap spot. They love the soft music, dim lighting and the fact that the people are down on their level. It really is fun to watch how much some of the cats get into it.”
Kitty's play around as you find your inner peace. Image: Good Mews Animal Foundation
The classes, which have sold out until early 2017, cost $USD 20 – around $AUD 26 – with all proceeds going straight towards the feline members of the shelter.
While the benefits of cat yoga specifically are yet to be found, regular yoga has been known to assist the body and the mind in an array of positive ways. These include:
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduction in chronic pain
  • Ability to relax and reduce stress
  • Slash the risk of heart disease
  • Tightening of the core
  • Increased flexibility
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