10 healthy smoothie recipes to kick-start Summer

These recipes are guaranteed to keep you feeling refreshed and healthy!

By Anita Lyons
While we are gearing up for the hottest part of the year, not only do we start thinking about how we may look in a bikini, but we also tend to think about what's yummy and healthy to consume!
While salads can be delicious, we often look for something that's cold, refreshing, low in calories, high in nutrients and of course, tickles our taste buds - and a smoothie or juice is the perfect antidote.
A good, fresh juice or smoothie can contain the energy, fibre, fruit and veg portion of one or two meals, and the antioxidants you need to keep moving during the summer months.
Because they're blended, these yummy drinks can provide more nutrients than you would otherwise get.
According to The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, a good blender, like a high-speed vaccum blender, preserves up to 3 times more vitamin C and 60% more antioxidants - sounds perfect to us!
So now that we've told you how good they can be, check out our top ten yummy and nutrient dense smoothies and juices to kick-start your summer from the Australian Women's Weekly! below

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