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Spring clean your mind

Just as too much booze and junk food can make your body sluggish, emotional baggage — in the form of negative thoughts, mental blocks and limiting self-beliefs — can clog up your mind. These three steps can help you to change:
  • Do the opposite
    If something feels comfortable, it's natural to keep doing it. But sometimes the reason it feels safe is because it's familiar, not because it's right or best for you. Think about why you've made certain choices and whether they were good ones. Every so often, break the pattern — and do the opposite to what you would usually do.
  • Don't try to be perfect
    Learning to like yourself, just as you are, sets you free. Every time guilt raises its ugly head, push it away. Don't beat yourself up about things in the past: the only thing that is really important now is that you have learned from your actions. Accept that you can't change the past or other people's behaviour — but you can change the way you think about them.
  • Loosen up
    If you only feel comfortable in a black-and-white world where there are absolute rights and wrongs, you are setting yourself up for problems. A rigid outlook will deny you the opportunity to appreciate other viewpoints and to consider different options in your life; you also risk alienating people because you are only listening to those things they say that you agree with. Commit to being softer, more open and understanding.
Your say: How will you spring clean your mind the year? Share your tips below...

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