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Seven tips for a good night’s sleep

Not getting enough z's? Try these tips.

It might be one of the body’s most natural processes, but falling asleep is not a lie-in for everyone.
Those who struggle to nod off at the end of the day usually find themselves cranky and over-worked – with dark circles to boot!
To fight off insomnia, and to make it easier to fall asleep at night, try these tips:
1. Unplug
It can be hard to reach the land of nod when you’re constantly checking emails and flicking through Twitter. To get a good night’s sleep, try putting your phone, laptop and tablets out of reach so you can focus on unwinding.
2. Invest in some good sheets
The key to relaxing is well… to relax! That can be hard to do when you’re itching and squirming in your sheets. Some good quality, high thread count sheets will sort that out.
3. Get some good pyjamas!
Good sheets won’t work unless you’ve got some good pyjamas to go with them. Go for a high quality material, like silk or cotton, like this sweet floral set from Peter Alexander, for a good rest.
4. Try some ambient sounds
If you find you struggle to drift off, try some white noise in the background to send you off. You can purchase some ambient sound CDs or YouTube has a good selection.
5. Create a ‘sleep ritual’.
Studies have found that creating a ritual that you follow every night will help send messages to your brain that you’re ready to nod off. Things like changing into your pyjamas, moisturising and listening to music or reading a book can make the transition easier.
6. Hydrate
Drinking a glass of water before bed seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of people forget to do it. Keeping hydrated during your night’s rest helps to balance your hormones and energy levels, making you sleep more soundly and wake up more refreshed. Win-win.
7. Avoid caffeine
Although most people know that drinking a huge cup of coffee before bed is a big no-no, they might not know that caffeine can be found in all sorts of things – not just coffee. To make sure you’re not wired, avoid things like tea, chocolate and soft drinks before bed.

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