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Sunrise's Samantha Armytage reveals what her day on a plate looks like

Plus, she shares her guilty pleasures!

By Alex Lilly
As Weight Watchers' newest celebrity ambassador, Samantha Armytage knows a thing or two about healthy eating.
The Sunrise co-host has already lost 10k and her outlook on health and body image is something that everyone can take note of.
But what does someone who starts their day in the wee hours of the morning eat?
Well, Sam has given us an insight into what she eats to maintain her gorgeous figure and stay healthy. And it's surprisingly normal!
For breakfast, Sam starts her day off with a healthy but hearty dish of eggs, spinach and a piece of multigrain toast, which she tends to order from a local cafe.
"WW makes it super simple when I'm on the run, I can access the program anywhere via the WW app, so it fits easily into my lifestyle. As no food is off limits, I simply choose meals that fit within my SmartPoints budget or plan ahead with ZeroPoint meals and snacks that I don't have to measure or track if I'm on the go," Sam told Now To Love.
Sam has to start her day off right when she's behind the Sunrise desk! (Image: Instagram @sam_armytage)
For lunch, it's a Moroccan salmon with lentil salad, while Sam admits she loves to snack on natural yoghurt with berries.
"I often go out for dinner and WW makes it easy to make healthy choices. However, if I'm home I'll have some protein and veggies, such as grilled chicken with beans and spinach," Sam said.
But like all of us, Sam has her treat foods.
"My weakness is cheese, biscuits and wine!" Sam tells us.
"However, I really love a little tub of natural yogurt and berries. They're great in the moments when I'd normally crave bikkies and cheese, so it's my favourite new hack!"
We're drooling for this salmon dish that's a typical lunch for Sam. (Image: Supplied/WW)
Having the right staple ingredients in your house is a great way to stay accountable when trying to lose weight and boost your health.
For Sam, there are five foods that she'll always have in her fridge and we're taking note
1. Natural yoghurt
"It's a really great option for when I'm feeling like a snack," Sam says.
2. Fresh fruit and veg
"I love to cook at home when I can," Sam confesses. "So it is important to always have vegetables and fruit to keep it fresh and healthy."
3. Eggs
These beauties are a great healthy staple that the Sunrise host says she can enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
4. Skim milk
Sam swapped full cream milk in her coffee and tea for a great and healthy substitute.
5. Hummus
This go-to healthy snack of Sam's is "great to always have on hand," she says.
WATCH: The best pantry staples for healthy eating. Post continues after video...
Sam previously told the Australian Women's Weekly that for her, it's not about shedding heaps of kilos, but rather living her best life and being strong.
"I've gone back to the gym, I've got a trainer, I box twice a week, I walk the dog every day. I don't think that's giving in to body shamers. This is about me feeling good and going into this next phase of my life, my forties, feeling strong and having energy," she said.
"I have said it before and I will say it again: I don't want to be skinny. I have boobs, I have a bum, I have curves. I like being a woman with a womanly figure, so I don't want to be skinny-skinny."
You go Sam! (Image: Supplied/WW)